Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 6th March : Dhruv denies to meet Dadaji

Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 6th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Episode begins with Doctor informs that they shifted Dadaji to regular ward and he desired to fulfill Dhruv, Shraddha. Dhruv denies to meet Dadaji and goes out there and Shlok follows him. Sunderlal asks how do Shraddha meet Dadaji without sindoor and mangalsutra?

Shraddha remains silent and he informs Dadi the operation was really a major one, now they should not give stress to Dadaji therefore it will not be good if Dadaji watched Shraddha without sindoor and mangalsutra.

Vikas provides the mangalsutra to Dadi and she makes Shraddha wear it puts the sindoor on her brow.

Anjali and Shraddha proceeds to meet Dadaji. Dadaji informs them that only seeing his granddaughter’s marriage wasn’t enough for him so that he struggle with god because of his lifetime to watch his granddaughter’s marriage life and inquires about Shlok.

Anjali without answering his question asks him to take rest. Dadaji says Dadi did not not teach her to reply directly and asks Shraddha about Dhruv? Shraddha hesitates to say anything.

Shlok asks why Dhruv can not meet Dadaji only for 2minutes. Dhruv says it was fake union not one so why should he meet Dadaji and everyone not comprehending him that he did everything just to fulfillDadaji’s final wish, it was a drama nothing else. Other side, Shraddha informs Dadaji that Dhruv went to cover hospital bills.

Dadaji praises Dhruv and says Dhruv will take care Shraddha very well for life long and asks her how she’ll take Dhruv’s name as it is one of the article marriage ritual and he wish to hear from her. Dhruv asks Shlok to understand him and says Shraddha isn’t his spouse in fact she’s nothing to him.

Shraddha takes Dhruv’s name in between exquisite shayari. Dadaji impresses and Anjali shocks hearing Shraddha and believes does Shraddha enjoys Dhruv.

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