Dadi Amma Maan Jao 11th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

Dadi Amma Maan Jao 11th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Anjali Says To Shraddha Wont You Speak To Me, I Know You’re Concerned About Ajooba, Even Im ConfusedWe Are Stuck, Im Scared Too, What Should Finds The Reality. Ajooba Arrives, Anjali Hugs Shraddha. Ajooba Arrives Home, Aaji Welcomes Home And Says God Saved MeIf Something Woud Happen To You, You’d Trouble Me As Ghost, Shraddha And Anjali Rush To Him, Ajooba Says Im Fine.

Ajooba Says Vikas Take My Wheelchair Into The Lights, Appearance The Lights Are All MessedThis Is All Urmila, Its Bidai Of My Girls, All Should Be Proper,It Is A Big Day For Me, They’re Going To Their In Laws House.

Namrata Ass Rekha What’s She Doing, Rekha Shows Him Customized Sherwani, Namrata Says You’re Here And Appearance Shlok Is There With Pradhans, Rekha Gets Angry And Says This Is Last TimeThey Are Gone There.

Ajooba Thanks Sunderlal For His Help And Says You Go Home, Prepare For Bidai, Sunderlal Appears At Aaji, Aaji Says Shraddha Wont Go, She Will Stay With Us, Ajooba Asks Did She Do Anything,Ajooba Appears At Shraddha And Dhruv. Sunderlal Said The Thing Is, I Forgot To Tell You One Thing, Now We’ll Have Just Anjalis Bidai, The Reason Is You Are Unwell And Shraddhas Tests, Ajooba Says Im Fine, You Require Shraddha, Sunderlal Says Im Letting Daughter Shraddha Stay With YouAnd Then Take Her With All Feedback, And Her Sister In Law Anjali Will Welcome Her To Jhawars Later.

Ajooba Agrees claims I Liked This Idea, Dhruv Says Thank God. ( Sunderlal Prays To God With Shraddha, Says I Always Begin My Day With Gods Blessings, Shraddha Says Today Im Here For SameI Had Promised Rekha Aunty Your Home Is Just My Sisters In Laws House, I Would like To Keep That, Sunder Lal Says I Can Help You Keep Promise, And Only On One Condition Call Me Papa, That Will Make Me Very Pleased.)

Sunderlal Walks Into Shraddha And Hands Her Lord Krishna Idle, Says You’re My Daughter Like Anjali Is, Aaji Appears At Them And Gets Very Happy Thinks God I Gt Your Sign, Sunderlal Is Supporting Her Father, Now After Dhruv And Reka Accept Her All Will Be Fine. Sunderlal Says To Shraddha, Dhruv Can Not Have A Better Girl Than You, For Me This Marriage Is Real And Not Fake.

Aaji And Vikas Decorating Anjalis Doli. Anjali Asks Shraddha To Forget Everything And When All Will Be Fine, We’ll Inform Ajooba The Truth About This Fake Marriage And You Two Look Decent Fighting, This Love And All Does Not Suit You.

Namrata Thinking How Is Rekha Behaving So Normal What’s Cooking Inside Her Mind. Sunderlal Prays For The two Dhruv And Shloks Happy Marriage. Panditji claims Dhruvs Wife Will Be Home In 4 Days Mark My Words. Prabhas Gets Worried About It.

Ajooba Gives Anjalis Hand In Shloks, Both Take Gods Blessings, Anjali In Tears, Dhruv Says Papa It’s So Hurting, Its Great I Don’t Have A Sister,I Would Never See Her Bidai. Aaji Walks Near Fan And Kukum Falls Over Shraddhas Forehead, Dhruv Looks At Her And Thinks About What Panditji Said To Him.

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