Dhruv Tara 11th March 2023 Written Update: Dhruv decides to leave for abroad


The episode starts with Tara telling Saxena Family that she is ready to stay with them as a maid. Chaiji asks Dhruv what is her name? Tara tells her name and Dadaji says Dhruv Tara name sounds so good together. Ayesha feels jealous and Dhruv Tara look at each other. Tara goes to the kitchen and gets surprised seeing the gas stove and burner. She says it’s indeed amazing because she never got such facilities in her century. Chaiji and Ayesha feel weird seeing her reaction.

Ayesha asks her directly why she is after Dhruv? She doesn’t look like a maid. Tara says she never lies and she was searching for Doctor Dhruv for her brother’s treatment. Ayesha says if she really wants treatment for her brother then she should only focus on earning money not on other things. She will keep eyes on Tara. Tara obeys her.

Prince comes and gives his introduction to Tara. There Sushila calls Dhruv and says she is scared to lose him. He is young and talented doctor. Girls might capture him by black magic and he should be careful. Dhruv says he is not fool but an educated doctor. She will not lose him and he will never go away from her. There Tara prays to God that she has to convince Dhruv to take him to 17th century for Mahaveer’s treatment. But how will she do it she doesn’t know. Tara seeks help from Prince to wash the kitchen utensils.

Prince says he won’t help her without any return gift. She says she can tell him stories. He accepts her offer and he tells her how to wash the utensils. She finishes her work and she tells him about her own story. He assumes if she is a real princess. She hides the truth and notices her hand got affected due to using soap water. Prince takes her to Dhruv to treat her hand.

Tara gets surprised seeing Dhruv is talking to someone via video call. She says how is this possible to contact someone like that. Prince asks her why she doesn’t know about advance technology. He shows her a phone as demo. He says it’s the easiest way to reach your loved ones. She gets teary thinking if she had the same facility in her century then she could have contacted Mahaveer as well. She cries for her brother and says her heart says this advance technology will cure her brother for sure. Mahaveer senses like Tara is missing him. He says he is fine and Tara should also be okay where she is. His fiance says if he is okay.

Samrat hears that and thinks he has to go to the Nabrang forest to search for Tara. There Dhruv gets an offer to visit abroad for his further research work which has been approved by the higher authority. Dhruv gets ready to accept the offer of three years because he will get money and will save his house from getting sold. He will stay far from Ayesha and Jay so that they can get close. He says he will inform his mother and will leave after one month. Tara overhears that and thinks if he leaves within one month then she has very less time to convince him to take him to Vallavgarh. She panics thinking how will she do it.

Precap- Tara says she won’t take any wrong step but will talk to Dhruv about the matter. During Holi celebration Dhruv applies colour on Tara and she tries to do the same but Sushila tells her to stay away from him.