Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 12th March 2023 Written Update: Radha refuses to withdraw her complaint


Episode begins with Radha tells Tulsi that she is not able to believe that Damini accepted her defeat easily. She says that Damini tried to kill her so she don’t get those papers from locker. And she will get answers from those papers only. She asks Tulsi to help her to read those papers. She searches those papers and she realises that Damini stole those papers.

Mohan calls Radha to come out. Kadambari asks Mohan that why he is angry. Mohan tells her that Radha mixed poison in the kheer, not Damini. Everyone gets shocked hearing him. Radha asks Mohan that what is he saying. Mohan asks her to stop acting because he has proof against her. He shows the video in which Radha escapes from the kitchen. He says that Radha mixed poison in the kheer and then blamed Damini and Kadambari. Radha tells him that she did nothing like that. Kadambari asks Radha that what the latter was doing in the kitchen. Radha thinks that she can’t tell, she stole the keys and she don’t even have those papers to prove her innocence.

Mohan asks Radha that why she had the cap of poison bottle. Radha tells him that he misunderstood her. He tells her that he can see her lies. Rahul tells him to ask Radha about poison bottle. Radha says that she did not mix poison in the kheer and she don’t have poison bottle. Rahul says that he will search poison bottle in the kitchen. Mohan tells him that Radha consumed poison to blame Damini so they should search the room first. He goes to the room. Rahul follows him. Tulsi tells Radha that Mohan and Rahul won’t get anything.

Mohan finds poison bottle in Radha’s bag. Rahul recalls that how he found poison bottle in the dustbin and hide it in Radha’s bag on Kaveri’s behest. Mohan shows the poison bottle to Radha. Tulsi says that Damini and Kaveri would have kept the poison bottle in Radha’s bag. Mohan tells Radha that her game is over. He drags her from there.

Gungun asks him that where is he taking Radha. He tells her that he know Gungun love Radha but Radha don’t deserve her love. He asks her that if she know what Radha did. She tells him that Radha is not well now. He tells her that Radha mixed poison in the kheer and Radha blamed Damini and Kadambari. He says that Damini is right and Radha is wrong. She tells him that Radha won’t do anything wrong. She asks him that why Radha will blame Damini and Kadambari. He shows the video to her. Gungun goes inside.

Mohan tells Radha to withdraw the complaint. Gungun returns with Tulsi’s photo and defends Radha. Mohan asks Radha that what magic she did on Gungun. He says that he will support Damini. Radha refuses to withdraw her complaint.

Episode ends.