Dhruv Tara 18th March 2023 Written Update: Jay refuses to go to Canada with Dhruv


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The episode starts with Saxenas coming out of the house and the people out there play Holi happily. They get shocked seeing Sushila and apologise to her for playing Holi in front of her house. Sushila comes to her and colors one woman’s face. She wishes everyone happy Holi and joins the celebration with the locality people. They dance on Badri Ki Dulhaniya song happily. Dhruv tries to apply color on Tara’s face. But they get separated due to other people. In the end Dhruv colors her face and she also applies color on his face. They smile at each other and Ayesha gets jealous seeing that.

Sushila comes to Tara and gives her reward for Holi and she thinks Sushila has to feed her sweet else he won’t get the signal from God whether she is doing right or wrong by taking away Dhruv from his family. There Saraswati prays for her daughter’s safety. King comes to meet her and she gets emotional seeing him. He stops her from coming close to him. She drops the color plate and he Tara is his reflection and for so long she is missing.

He asks Saraswati why the latter is taking revenge from him by sending his daughter away. Saraswati says why would she do that. He asks her that she should tell him where is Tara right now. She thinks if she should reveal that Tara went to 21st century to find the cure of Mahaveer’s disease. She then observes that Samrat is hiding outside and overhearing their conversation. Saraswati gets alert and refuses to tell about Tara’s whereabouts. She says Tara will return back safely and she can’t tell anything else.

King leaves in anger. Chaiji instructs Tara to serve sweets to Ayesha’s father as he is visiting their house. Tara hopes that Sushila will feed her some sweet in that process. Saxenas welcome Ayesha’s father and Chaiji asks him what kind of sweet he has brought as it looks unique. Tara says it’s called Baklava and it’s a Turkish sweet. Everyone gets surprised knowing how does Tara have so much information about the sweet.

Ayesha’s father tells everyone about the offer to go to Canada and two people have the opportunity to go there. He suggests that Jay can also accompany Dhruv. Ayesha happily says she will also go with them. Jay breaks the glass in anger when Ayesha’s father tells him to become Dhruv’s assistant. Jay says he doesn’t need his favour and leaves. Ayesha’s father asks Dhruv to not lose such a great opportunity. Sushila tells Tara to clean the broken glass pieces from the floor. Tara thinks she doesn’t think in this situation Sushila will feed her sweet. She feels anxious thinking she needs signal from God as soon as possible as she doesn’t have enough time.

Precap- Tara uses a medicine to hypnotize Dhruv and says will he go with her? He gets ready and leaves house with her. Sushila gets panic attack seeing Dhruv left with Tara. Tara seeks for God’s help to take Dhruv to Mahaveer. Sushila informs her family that Dhruv is gone.

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