Dhruv Tara 9th March 2023 Written Update: Tara gets locked up in Dhruv’s room


The episode starts with Dhruv asking his grandmother what she is hiding from him. Tara looks for water in the washroom and thinks how would she get it. Dhruv takes away the pizza slice from his grandmother and says they can eat it without fear, they don’t need to hide it. Sometimes it’s okay to have junk food. Being a doctor he is allowing them. He is about to go towards his room but his grandparents ask him to have food with his family downstairs.

Tara mistakenly opens the shower and gets wet. She shouts and Dhruv goes to check if someone is inside the washroom. Dhruv’s grandfather scolds him and distracts him saying he is having issues with his teeth and BP. Dhruv goes to check it. Later Tara tells grandmother that she got wet unintentionally. Grandmother tells her to change her clothes else she will get cold. Grandmother notices Ayesha and gets shocked. She tells Tara to wait for her to come back. Meanwhile Tara sees the books in the shelf and gets delighted. She doesn’t understand the language and then sees some showpieces which surprise her as well. She then gets the clothes from grandmother and changes them. She finds her one earring in that room and she wonders how it came here as one part is near her.

Vidya tells Tara to go along with her as noone is present for now. Vidya gets impressed hearing her pure Hindi. She learns Tara’s name and then suddenly Sushila calls Vidya. Sushila forces Vidya to give her Prasad and she closes Dhruv’s room door from outside as he doesn’t like anyone keeps entering his room. Tara hides under the bed hearing some sound. Dhruv enters and finds a wet dupatta on his bed. He calls Khatti Mithi angrily and everyone comes to his room. He asks who kept this dupatta on his bed. Khatti Mithi say that they don’t wear such glittery dupattas. Sushila asks Dhruv he only knows from where this dupatta came. He says he has no idea. Somehow they come to conclusion that a customer in their parlour brought this dupatta maybe.

Dhruv closes his room door and changes his shirt. Tara thinks she is not that shameless to see a man without clothes but why God put her in this situation. He studies some cases and Vidya comes to his room. Vidya says she wants to sleep in his room today as she feels suffocated in her own room. He allows her and she sleeps. She thinks she will introduce Tara as her friend’s daughter and will convince everyone in the family to let her stay here for some days. Tara tries to get up at midnight but finds no way to go out of the room. She falls asleep under the bed of Dhruv.

Precap- Sushila asks Dhruv why he brought Tara in their house secretly. He lies he doesn’t know her. Sushila gives him swear and he remains silent. Sushila throws Tara out of the house and Dhruv stops her.