Dil Diyaan Gallaan 13th March 2023 Written Update: Veer is offered to go Australia


Dil Diyaan Gallaan 13th March 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with an interesting turn in Brar family. When Maan fires up his own funeral pyre, Amrita and Veet extinguish the fire as they can’t able to bear that. Sanjot touches the frame of his photo and cleans up. His mother starts to cry and wipes away the dirt. Astha and Dilpreet also reachs there. When he sees the villagers there, he becomes shocked. When Dilpreet asks why are they here. They say that Maan has completed his own funeral pyre by his own hand. Meanwhile, Hatbindar goes there, the nephew of Kuku. Seeing him and his wife, he asks why are they here. Hatbindar and his wife say they met an accident for which their child lost her breath, but Astha saved the life. Sanjot asks Kuku to acknowledge the contribution of Astha who has saved the life. She rebukes Kuku and reminds how they insulted Astha and her wife.

Meanwhile, Astha forbids Sanjot to create a drama. Sanjot emphasizes that they should acknowledge her courage. She expresses all her emotional outburst to the villagers, opens up how she has been suffering for the last 25 years. If Astha wasn’t there, they would lament now for their loss. When Sanjot bursts out all her anger, and asks to thanks Astha. They all apologies to Astha. Kaku and his team with folded hands thanks her and they are asked to leave. Sanjot also adjoins they shouldn’t compel her to show her worst face. Amrita can’t believe her own grandpa can fire up the picture of Maan. Then Sanjat and Ria try to make understand that Sanjat never wished anything wrong for Maan.

Here, Maan suffers to think all the words of his own father. Then Rana comes and explains he is thinking wrong. Dilpreet is asked by Amrita to apologise to Maan, but Dilpreet says Maan can’t fathom his character, he always misunderstands him, so he won’t do show any weakness, and he even doesn’t want to solve anything regarding this complexity. Here, Maan also is reluctant in his position. But Rana gives the logic that any father can’t do anything wrong to his father. Rana tries to manage the situation, but he fails, and leaves. Here, Nimrit apologies to Dilpreet for the sake of Maan and comes out like a rose. She triggers off his anger of Dilpreet. Dilpreet also believes her. Here Veer comes with Sanjot. Dilpreet expresses his frustration to him. He wants to leave the house. He enters in his room losing all the hope for life. Here, Maan recalls all his sweet memories regarding all his childhood. He is consoled by Astha but no one is happy. How they all were happy and composed. Everyone is unsatisfied regarding the situation. Veer calls his sir for the job but the problem doesn’t settle down. He hopes him that there might be a another job for him. Veer explains him all the conditions, but he is asked to go Australia for new job for 5 years and this will be contractual.
Episode ends.

Precap: Maan asks Astha and Amrita to get ready for living another place in the town, not in this village, when Astha and Amrita try to negotiate, he denies angrily.