Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 13th March 2023 Written Update: Ali saves Shagufta Begum escaping from jail.


The episode starts with Shezade hurting Shagufta Begum. He says that she’s just a human and he’s a devil. Marjina’s friend sees him mistreating Begum and plans to kill her. His mother regrets supporting him out of blind love for him. Her friend tries to inform Marjina the truth and rushes away.

Ali recalls Shezade’s deal and apologizes for failing to save her. Marjina gets ready for the marriage. Marjina repents for not being able to fulfil any of her marriage dreams.

However she’s happy that Shezade will get relieved of his curse and she can do it for the good deed. Ali pretends to be ill and the security guards open the jail to check on him. Ali hits them and escapes from there to stop the marriage.

Rukhsar is stopped by guards who refuse to let anyone meet Marjina before her wedding. Rukhsar wonders how to save Marjina from Shezade. Another guard attacks Ali and he fights him.

Alifi and the kids are stuck in a burial pit and struggle to come out. While others lose hope but Alifi asks them to keep trying till the end. Alifi finds a solution and finds a rock. Nafi connects the rock with a rope and asks Haido to come out first as she’s the smallest of all.

Haidi comes out first and with Haidi’s help Nafi comes out followed by Alifi and Poya. They all get saved. Romana fumes that they escaped. Romana is not ready to let go of the children at any cost.

Ali bumps with Rukhsar who says about Shezade’s truth to her. She says that in order for the ritual to be completed he needs to kill someone from his family before marriage. Ali rightly identifies that it’s Begum and Rukhsar gives his things to him.

She wishes that he succeeds in saving Marjina and Ali leaves. Begum pleads with Shezade to let her go as she’s his mother. Shezade is not ready to do as he only cares about monsters ruling the world. He makes lava around Begum so that she burns to death.

She pleads with him to kill her with a sword. Shezade refuses to listen to her. He leaves saying that he won’t let her sacrifice go in vain and leaves laughing. Begum pleads for help.

Romana’s Ally stops ger from killing the kids as they needs to be alive in order to find about Ali. Romana agrees to wait till she gets news about Ali. Shezade praises Marjina’s beauty in wedding attire. He asks if shes willing to marry him and she agrees.

She asks for Ammi Jaan and Shezade lies that she’s praying till the wedding for things to go well. She says his mother loves him a lot and Shezade agrees. Ali asks Begum if she got the fruit of her actions and Begum regrets for going blind in her son’s love. Ali saves Begum despite her asking him not to.

Begum thanks Ali and is ashamed to face him. She asks what he is made of and calls him her son. Ali says he’s made of God’s blessings and asks any way to stop Shezade. Begum is double minded as no matter what she can’t expect bad for Shezade.

Precap: At the wedding dias people will get shocked witness Shezade turn into monster. Ali will come to a weird place upon Shagufta Begum’s guidance and will come across an evil lady monster.