Dil Diyaan Gallaan 16th March 2023 Written Update: Maan demands Amrita’s new passport within seven days


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The episode starts with Astha observing the Brar House and says Maan didn’t forget anything about the house. He still remembers each and every corner of the house and it’s the same how he explained to her. Sanjot takes Astha to her own room and Astha says Maan shared his childhood memories how he and Randeep used to fight to sleep in Biji’s room.

Biji misses the old days and then she gives Maan’s grandmother’s ashes to Astha. Sanjot says they didn’t put that into water yet because Maan’s grandmother wanted it to put into water by her two grandsons. Astha says when she and Maan were leaving the village after marriage his grandmother came to station to bless her and also handed over the jewels to her. Nimrit thinks those are fake. She thinks Sanjot and Astha both are wrong. Adi tells Param to pose for pictures and teases her.

Astha blames herself for Maan’s separation from his family. Sanjot tells her not to do that. Astha says she will help Biji to prepare dishes for Holi. She says she will make Shrikhand and Nimrit doesn’t understand the Gujrati dish. She lectures Astha thinking it’s a sweet. Sanjot says it’s not sweet. Astha says this year Sanjot will celebrate Holi with her two daughter in laws. Sanjot hugs them both. There Veer thinks Dilpreet should not get mad at Astha as she is genuinely nice woman. Maan tells Amrita to sign the papers properly else they won’t be able to get the passport on time. He says he wants the passport within seven days and he immediately wants to leave the village.

Adi praises Sanjot for her spirit and the way she works hard at this age. Nimrit says she is also no less. Adi sings for them and everyone dances on Sasural Genda Phool song. Randeep joins them and later he makes Adi drink some bhaang. There Maan asks for Amrita’s passport as soon as possible and she says if he will really leave without helping his parents. They will have to lose their house and will come on road.

Maan says Dilpreet won’t take his help and thats the truth. Nimrit goes to bring sugar powder for Astha so that she can make Shrikhand. She decides to ruin Astha’s efforts by adding the wrong ingredient. Astha says the Shrikhand is ready and Sanjot takes her to Maan’s room. Astha gets emotional entering the room, Sanjot says she comes to this room on every occasion to feel Maan’s presence. He used to taste all her special dishes at first. She gets teary and Dilpreet comes behind. He calls out Sanjot angrily.

Episode ends

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