Dil Diyaan Gallaan 15th March 2023 Written Update: Astha performs welcoming ritual at Brar House


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The episode starts with Dilpreet asking Nimrit that where is Sanjot. She has lots of work pending for Holi. Nimrit again talks ill about Maan and puts all blame on him, Harneet comes and asks about Sanjot. Dilpreet leaves to pay off some money by selling warehouse. Nimrit thinks Dilpreet mortgaged the house, now he is selling the warehouse. She will get nothing if he sells everything.

Ria tries to convince Veer to change his decision of going to abroad but he leaves in his jeep with her. Dilpreet and Harneet get tired while walking, Veer offers them lift and Dilpreet gets happy seeing his help.

He says sometimes he feels like because of Veer he is alive. Veer is there to help him out always. Veer feels guilty hearing his words. Dilpreet sits in his jeep and Veer reveals he is leaving for Australia and will stay there for five years.

Amrita asks Maan to help Dilpreet but the latter says if she wants to stop Veer from leaving. Dilpreet gets shocked hearing Veer’s decision and Veer says he will get five years advance salary from this job and they will pay off all the dues. He asks Dilpreet to let him go.

Dilpreet says Maan also left the village for five years but then never returned. He can’t afford to stay without Veer. He will do something to pay the dues. Veer says everything is final and he has to leave this evening only. He says Dilpreet can’t keep on selling properties to save their house. Veer asks Dilpreet to bid him good bye happily.

Veer promises him that he will be back after five years. Dilpreet hugs him and refuses to let him go. Veer controls his tears and Dilpreet gets mad at Maan as he believes Veer is leaving them because of Maan. Dilpreet says he will never see Maan’s face again. Why he even came to India.

Amrita explains to Maan that she is doing all this for her father as he will blame himself for whole life for not helping Sanjot and Dilpreet. She says the house belongs to Sanjot too and if Maan doesn’t do anything to help his parents by saving the house then he will be in guilt his whole life.

Maan stays firm on his decision and leaves for Amritsar. Amrita thinks now only Astha’s arrival at Brar House can do some miracle to stop Maan. Sanjot asks Nimrit if Dilpreet asked about her. Nimrit says he didn’t even get bothered. Sanjot says because of Maan and Dilpreet’s fight everything is getting hampered.

Nimrit shows fake concern to her and later she gets happy that she doesn’t have to prepare any dishes for Holi and will get to eat from outside. She won’t have to do work at all. The doorbell rings and Nimrit gets shocked on finding Astha. She changes her clothes before opening the door seeing Astha’s branded clothes.

Astha compliments her and Sanjot gets delighted seeing Astha. Astha says she is here to stay with them against Maan’s will. Sanjot welcomes her happily and performs the rituals.

Nimrit calls Dilpreet and informs him about Astha’s welcoming ritual done by Sanjot. Dilpreet goes back home in anger knowing that. Nimrit thinks he will throw Astha out of the house soon.

Precap- Dilpreet shouts at Sanjot for opening Maan’s room and he tells Astha to leave. Sanjot asks Dilpreet how he can throw their daughter in law out.

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