Dil Diyaan Gallaan 6th March 2023 Written Update: Sanjot takes life risk to resolve her family issues


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The episode starts with Nimrit asking Astha why Maan sent fake jewels to them. Astha says Maan only sent the real ones which have been given by Dilpreet’s mother. Nimrit says she doesn’t trust Americans. Randeep tells Nimrit to control her anger. Astha helped them atleast. Nimrit says that was not help but they also gave them the antique piece. Nimrit calls Maan as thief which angers Astha. Astha says she wont tell a word against Maan. Nimrit says she is only telling the facts. Astha shuts her up but Randeep says she should not taunt Nimrit as the truth is Maan is responsible for all the mishap here. Maan comes there and warns Randeep to behave as Astha is elder than him. Randeep says then why she is accusing Nimrit? Maan says why he even came here? Randeep says why Maan came here as noone called him. He insulted him outside the court and now enough is enough. Maan tells him not to talk nonsense and leave immediately. Randeep says Maan is the outsider so he should leave. Why he even stayed for one night here?

Maan says it’s his village too so noone can throw him out of the village. He pushes away Randeep and the latter loses his balance. He is about to fall downstairs but Maan saves him from falling. Villagers see that and Nimrit asks Randeep if he is fine or not. She accuses Maan for trying to hurt his own brother. He stooped so low today. Villagers also blame Maan. Amrita also gets shocked seeing all of that. Nimrit overreacts and tells Maan to go from there else Maan might hurt him again. She says Amrita should feel ashamed seeing her father’s act. Astha tries to explain but in vain.

Veer calls Sanjot as the brave woman. Nimrit takes Randeep back home. She starts her drama in front of Sanjot and Dilpreet that Maan knowingly pushed Randeep from the terrace and tried to kill him. How can a brother do this to his own brother ? Ria says it was an accident. Randeep also says the same. Nimrit says she is not telling lies but Randeep is trying to safeguard his brother. Amrita says he is telling the truth as Maan is not at fault. Ria tells Amrita not to interfere but she should leave at once. She kicks her out of the house. Amrita knocks on the door and says her father is innocent. Sanjot tells Randeep that he also knows Maan can never hurt him. Nimrit says why they are trying to prove her a liar. She leaves angrily with Randeep. Sanjot hugs Veer saying why her family is breaking apart. She can’t see all this. She breaks down and Sanjot opens the door. Amrita hugs her and says she has no idea how Maan went to Terrace as she didn’t call him there. She cries saying they are leaving tomorrow and then she goes to see Maan if he is doing okay.

Sanjot tells Param that she will climb the thousand stairs at the temple. She says to resolve all the issues in her family she will do this at any cost. Param asks her not to put her health in risk as she recovered some days ago only. Sanjot starts climbing up and utters Wahi Guru. She says this is a mother’s battle and she has to win it. Param calls at her house to inform about Sanjot’s action. Sanjot says she won’t change her mind. Adi tells Amrita that she tried her best so she should not be upset. Amrita says how can God do injustice to Biji. It’s unfair.

Precap- Sanjot falls downstairs while going to the temple. Harneet gives the news to Dilpreet and Maan being panic stricken.

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