Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 6th March 2023 Written Update: Sid’s life gets into danger!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 6th March 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Josh coming to Manisha who is angry. Here, Raghav is on his way to give the phone when he sees missed calls of Manisha. Raghav thinks Manisha is Pihu’s friend then why is she calling Josh? Here, Manisha says I am not like your other girls who believe in casuals so you better not ditch me, you know Pihu is my best friend and Kapoors will believe me if I expose you and everyone will believe me. Josh says why are you after exposing me? Manisha says because you are engaged to someone else. Josh says Prachi proposed to me in front of all so I was helpless, if you doubt me I can call and prove it to you. Josh doesn’t find his phone.

Raghav sees Josh’s car number plate so he stops and goes inside. He sees Josh and Manisha hugging. Raghav is shocked. Manisha breaks the hug and says thank you so much for helping Pihu, I am so relieved, I will give a huge party. Manisha signals Josh to see Raghav. Josh says anytime yaar. They pretend to see Raghav and say I hope you didn’t understand things wrong. Raghv says no no, I came inside as door was opened. Josh leaves with Raghav and thanks Manisha through signal.

Here, Prachi is singing Bade Achche Lagte Hain song and Pihu also joins. Pihu teases Prachi that she is in love and soon she will marry off and she will have the room. Prachi says I never thought Josh will have this helpful side, I also thought he is rich brat and then I got this shayari from Josh. Pihu says really? He doesn’t seem like that. Prachi says I know. Pihu gives Prachi a kurti of Priya saying she made Ram buy this for mom. Prachi loves the kurti. Pihu asks to show her the shayari. Prachi reads it out and Pihu says wow it’s so deep, love is so weird it gives you this different feeling. Prachi asks Pihu if she also loves someone.

Pihu is silent so Prachi says it means there is someone tell me who. Here, Brinda and Adi try to ask Angad if he likes Pihu. Angad tries to avoid it. Brinda says Pihu said yes she likes you and you are not manning up. Angad says she also likes me? Brinda and Adi get happy that their reverse psychology trick worked. They say now Pihu will be our bahu yay. They both go while Angad sits confused.

Pihu says I don’t love anyone and hides the picture of her with Raghav with a notebook. Prachi says you might have a picture in drawer. Prachi sees mom dad’s pictures and says you really don’t like anyone, i hope you like someone too. Pihu says Josh is the luckiest to have you. Prachi hugs her. Pihu thinks I hope Raghav and I talk about it soon. Here, Raghav is making a sketch of his dream building when Kapil comes and says wow. Raghav says this building might look tilted but it is designed in a way it will not fall, it teaches us how we shouldn’t judge by anyone’s face like I judged Josh but he is keeping Prachi so happy.

Next day, Adi, Vikrant and Lakhan are working on the deal papers. Sid worries about the deal and Mama ji calms him. Monika notices Lakhan seeing Avni who is on call with someone. Raghav brings sweets for everyone. He gives sugar free cupcakes to Pihu and then butter scotch ice cream to Monika and then gulab jamun to Avni. Lakhan says Avni likes hot gulab jamun. Everyone looks at him. Monika feels angry. Adi says let’s do the deal. Sid says I never thought our families will be here after all the differences we had but I am glad Josh listened to his heart and not to our enmity. Lakhan says Prachi has also taken a step forward so we respect that.

Vikrant says I think we should give the kids more time to know each other, engagement happened really fast but for wedding we should give some time. Sid says sure, we can discuss that over the time let’s complete the deal. Lakhan asks Sid to sign first. Sid takes the pen and suddenly he feels dizzy and falls. Everyone worries. Raghav calls the doctor, Mama ji and Adi take him to room. Lakhan thinks to pacify Avni which is noticed by Monika and she feels angry. Avni goes to Sid.

Doctor comes and checks up Sid. Doctor says you have high BP so take less stress and take rest, you have to visit hospital for check up. Sid thanks doctor. Avni says you scared us all Sid. Lakhan says life always throws challenges on us and seeing Sid today made me feel the fact we were discussing about Prachi and Josh’s wedding, we should prepone it. Everyone looks shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Raghav gets to know Manisha is pregnant and she tells Raghav that she can’t tell who is the father but you all know him well. Here, Pihu tells Angad that she likes Raghav. This breaks Angad.

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