Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Josh gets jealous of Raghav and Prachi!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 3rd March 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Monika scolding Mahir for his stupid act and how can he get afraid of Raghav, he failed all her plan, it was for him. Mahir says oh really was it for me or you. Monika says you did wrong. Here, Josh talks to a girl saying I know you are misunderstanding me, I am just doing engagement so that I can get money as the girl is rich and is falling for me and this way I can have a future for us baby. Raghav spots Josh from far and goes to him. Josh turns around and sees Raghav calm so he thinks Raghav didn’t hear anything. Raghav says what are you doing here ? Josh says just got a call. They both go inside. Here, Mahir comes to Pihu and Pihu asks so what made your mind change? Mahir says that angry Raghav and his warnings, your boyfriend came. Pihu says my boyfriend? Mahir says yes that Raghav said he loves you. Pihu gets shocked and inside her mind smiles. Pihu goes and collides with Angad. Angad says you are destroying my dress now. Pihu says today I am happy so you can say whatever.

Pihu says thank you I know you all worked on the plan to save me, I am so grateful to you. Pihu hugs Angad and he smiles. Brinda sees this and thinks Angad likes Pihu? Can this happen? Brinda thinks to talk to Adi.

Prachi hears Mahir saying to Pihu about Raghav liking her so she gets happy. Josh and Raghav are standing together when Prachi sees them and smiles. Josh thinks Prachi wants to talk to him but Prachi comes to Raghav saying I need to talk. Josh thinks I need to do something about this. Prachi says you call me your best friend but you didn’t tell me that you like Pihu. Raghav says yes I like her. Prachi says I am so happy for you both. Raghav says wait you are taking it wrongly, I like Pihu as a friend nothing like that. Prachi says you are lying, I heard Mahir say that. Raghav says I told Mahir to keep him busy till the time Angad find the proof. Prachi says oh I am sorry, I think anyone who will get you is lucky and if Pihu and you will get together then. Raghav says please don’t say that it hurts. Raghav goes. Prachi stands confused. Josh thinks now it’s confirmed Raghav has feelings for Prachi and I will use this at the right time. Later, everyone starts drinking. Angad adores Pihu and thinks Pihu brings this other side of me. Pihu thinks to talk to Raghav. Raghav adores Prachi and Josh notices this.

Here, Pihu goes to Monika and Mahir in the kitchen and taunts how Mahir spoilt her plan. Monika says not to laugh much as she has the video. Pihu says Mahir didn’t tell you that he already gave me the phone and the jhumka using which you blackmailed me is also with Prachi so now on if you try to do anything like this then I will give Lakhan the proof I have which will prove that you and your nephew are stealing money. Monika gets angry. Here, Brinda tells Adi about how she has a feeling that Angad likes Pihu and she was also right about Ram and Pihu. Vikrant hears this and says maybe possible best way to know is by asking Angad. Avni asks Josh to get to know Prachi better before marriage. Josh goes to Prachi and says from now on without taking help from anyone we should get to know each other. Prachi says yes. Pihu thanks Josh and Josh says it’s a family thing now. Josh gets the message from the girl so he thinks to meet her. Raghav sees a phone and thinks it’s Raghav’s so he goes to give to Raghav. Brinda, Adi and Vikrant take Angad when Pihu enjoys it and says seeing Angad I feel so different. Sara thinks Pihu likes Angad.

Episode ends.

Precap – Raghav finds Josh with another girl.

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