Dil Diyaan Gallaan 7th March 2023 Written Update: Amrita accuses Dilpreet for being rude to Sanjot


Dil Diyaan Gallaan 7th March 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with a interesting twist in Brar family, the villagers insists Dilpreet to burn out the picture of Maan by himself. They force him to do that Dilpreet couldn’t understand what he should do. Here, Sanjot can’t climb more stairs, she feels exhausted but continues praying to Wahi Guru. She can’t bear anymore the scorching sun and her head rounds. Here, Maan plans to go out from the home.

Astha also requests to hide the password as she doesn’t want to leave this home. Astha asks Maan he is sure about leaving home. Maan says his own family declines him. Here, Dilpreet fires up and disagrees to fire up the picture. He starts to shout on them, as they haven’t been believing him from the last 25 years. He doesn’t want to hurt Sanjot firing up her son’s funeral pyre. She has not seen the face of her own son. He asks villagers to leave.

Here, Sanjot faints from exertion while she climbs up the stairs of Gurudwara. Suddenly, she falls down from the stair losing her balance. Meanwhile, Maan is informed about her mother’s accident. Here Param becomes agitated regarding the health of Sanjot. She is losing her heartbeat. Maan runs to Gurudwara to treat his mother but Sanjot asks him to stop there. She covers her face not to look at him. Amrita and Astha request him not to hear Sanjot as his first duty is to treat patient. Maan proceeds to check up Sanjot. Sanjot feels emotional when Maan takes her in his lap. Maan forbids Sanjot not to care about him. Maan asks others to bring ice as she met a heart attack. Isha and Amrita take care of Sanjot.

Param becomes happy seeing Maan’s caring for Sanjot. He asks Sanjot whether she is alright. But Sanjot asks him to go away from that place before arriving of Dilpreet. Meanwhile, Dilpreet and Randeep come there. But they’re stopped by Amrita. Amrita rebukes Dilpreet for being rude to Sanjot as they didn’t care for Sanjot. She rebukes him. When Dilpreet asks how are she then Amrita tells she was having a brain stroke. Amrita reminds him how brutally she sacrificed her own motherhood for his sake. She also asks to forget Sanjot forever.

Harpreet remains silent. She continues accuses for this whole tantrums. He also questions whether he is right in his position. Amrita shouts at him and requests her to break this barrier of relationship. Harpreet asks her to stop and proceeds towards Sanjot. After reaching to Sanjot, Dilpreet asks her how are she. He consoles her and keeping the hand on the head of Sanjot, he permits Sanjot to meet his son, but he can’t accept the lose of his own beloved. Sanjot proceeds to Maan, Sanjat calls Maan from back.

Precap: Sanjot keeps calling Maan for a glance after 25 years. Everyone becomes emotional.

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