Durga Aur Charu 24th January 2023 Written Update: Bholi attempts to kill Charu


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Episode begins with Charu asks Bholi that what the latter did with Baanke. Bholi agrees to tell the truth. She notices few people coming there and laughs. Charu warns her to stop laughing. Bholi tells her that she is laughing at her. Those people holds Charu and she screams. Bholi scolds them for coming late. They unties Bholi. Bholi tells Charu that the latter is not smart than her. Charu tells her that she just want to know the truth. Bholi tells her that she will fulfill her last wish.

Durga hears Charu’s scream and she searches her. She finds honey bottle and ants and wonders that where they went. She realises that Charu is in danger. Binoy tells her that no one is there. Durga thinks that she can’t take Binoy and Sampurna’s help.

Bholi asks Charu to talk sweetly before dying. She says that she returned to orphanage and Baanke slapped her so she attacked him. She adds that she thought Baanke died but he escaped. Charu gets relieved that Baanke is alive. Bholi tells her that Sheru did not find Baanke’s dead body. Charu says that she will find Baanke. She tells her that Kali maa won’t forgive her. Bholi pours kerosene around Charu. Charu asks her to untie her and she screams for help. Bholi leaves from there with her men. Meanwhile, Durga prays to Kali maa for Charu.

Charu struggles to breathe and she faints. One man comes there and rescues Charu and that man turns out to be Baanke. On the other hand, Durga returns to the palace. She asks Bholi that where is Charu.

Baanke treats Charu. He tells himself that Charu will regain her consciousness soon. Charu coughs in her sleep. He goes to bring water for her. She wakes up and wonders that where is she and who saved her. She recalls that how Bholi tried to kill her. She realises that Durga must be worried about her. She thinks that Durga can’t fight against Bholi and she leaves the house to stop Durga.

Bholi tells Durga that she did not saw Charu after police taking her in their custody. She asks her that why the latter is asking about Charu now. Durga asks her to stop lying because she know the latter met Charu in the jungle today. Sampurna asks Durga that if Charu was in the jungle. Durga nods at her. She tells her that Charu wanted to know what Bholi did with Baanke. She says that Charu is innocent and Bholi is real culprit that’s why she took Binoy and Sampurna to the jungle to expose Bholi.

Charu seeks help to leave the basti. Baanke moves towards his house. He falls down when one man collided with him and he screams. Charu hears that and thinks that that’s Baanke’s voice.

Episode ends.

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