Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Upcoming Story : Suman convinces Vijay to give classes to her classmates

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The episode starts with Devraj’s brother taking him inside and Vijay leaving too as his meeting got cancelled. Shravan takes Suman aside and says that her plan failed and his father got hurt too. Suman says that their plan got successful and that was proven by Devraj and Vijay’s actions which showed lots of concern for each other. Shravan asks why they aren’t apologizing to each other then. Suman says that relationship needs time and space something. She asks him to stop winking at her and also smiling at her like that. Shravan agrees and she leaves. Shravan thinks that he should give time and space to Suman and focus on her actions more than words.

Later, Dadu bashes civilians and Shravan’s family while Kavita is upset with Vijay and says that they only talk but never help. Shravan wonders what to do now. Dadu says that he is sure that not even Shravan know how to change tyre while they all, being from army background, know it. He bashes Shravan too.

Shravan calls Bunty at home. Bunty suggests Shravan to stay away from Suman who is not going to become his in this situation. Shravan asks him if he is his friend. Bunty replies that he is so Shravan asks him not to tell him to stay away from Suman. Bunty says that he will help him to conquer Suman then. Shravan asks for an idea and Bunty suggests him to give Suman an idea to solve their parents’ matter this time as he has already followed hers one.

On the other hand, Suman wants to know if Shravan knows how to change tyres because if he doesn’t it would mean that they cannot depend on him and he just does show off on bike but he is shallow from inside. Kanchan teases her asking if she wants to go to long drive with him. Just then Shravan calls Suman and tells her that now they shall follow his idea since hers one has failed. Suman agrees and keeps asking him if he knows how to change tyre but he doesn’t notice the question as he is more interested in their plan. Suman asks what the plan is. Shravan says that he will meet her to tell it to her. Suman says fine and cuts the call.

Meanwhile Anjali asks Vijay to give her his clothes so that she can put them inside but he refuses saying that he cannot be habituated to her care because soon he will go back to the army camp. Anjali asks her why he is so silent nowadays. Vijay says that he keeps yelling at people so it’s better if he stays silent. Anjali tries comforting him and asks what’s going on in his mind. Vijay says that he is confused and will let her know.

In Shravan’s room, Bunty pulls Shravan’s leg because Suman cut his call. Just then Shravan receives a message from Aneesh asking him to come to Suman’s house at night for group study if he wants. Shravan understands that it’s Suman who has invited him.

Later army school students, including Devika and Aneesh, reunite at Suman’s house as teachers have decided this group studies activity during exams break. Suman keeps looking at the door so Aneesh asks her if she is waiting for Shravan to come. Suman replies that he isn’t coming since he isn’t willing to join the army but go to the USA after school.

In the garden, Beena gives tea to Devika’s father and another officer who has come to Tiwari house. They ask her about their civilian neighbours. Beena tells them that Devraj is a big businessman of Bhopal. They understand that it’s the same man who is handling the bullet proof vest deal. Bunty, Shravan and his chachu are outside too and Chachu isn’t liking how the officers are looking at them. Shravan asks him not to behave like this and also tells him that he has to leave. Chachu asks where he is going to Suman’s house. Bunty says that he is going for studies.

Suman asks her classmates to hold their excitement because it is not sure that Vijay will do these classes. She leaves. Devika and Aneesh have a plan against Shravan. Devika wonders if he will come. Aneesh is sure that Shravan will come at Suman’s house.

Meanwhile Shravan is getting ready to go to Suman’s house and wears some elegant clothes. He asks Bunty to stay in the room since his father doesn’t know that he is there. Bunty asks him not to worry and leave. Shravan goes out of the room.

Vijay tells Anjali that he had already refused to do the classes, but they have come home. Anjali tries convincing him, but he replies rudely. Dadu comes and tries convincing him too. It’s when Suman comes and says that she finally got the opportunity to get trained under him that Vijay agrees. Vijay and Dadu leave. Anjali and Suman hug happily.

On the other hand, Devraj is observing a glass of water when he sees Shravan and asks him where he is going there. Shravan tells him that he is going to Suman’s house because Vijay is going to give them classes.

Episode ends

Precap: Shravan calls Bunty and says that he shouldn’t trust Suman ever after. Bunty says that she trapped him badly. Later Shravan and Suman are on call and Suman asks Shravan not to tell anything to Devraj but Shravan doesn’t agree and asks why she cares. Suman says that it might worsen the problems between Devraj and Vijay. She says that she has another idea but Shravan replies that he doesn’t trust her anymore. Suman asks him to trust her one last time.

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