Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story: Ganga and Avinash try to kill Guddan’s baby

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist
Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On

The episode starts with Akshat hearing a noise coming from the curtains behind which Ganga and Avinash are hiding but before he can suspect anything, the doctor accepts Akshat’s request of not telling Guddan about their child’s death. Akshat thanks him and leaves.

Ganga comes out from the hiding spot and pushes the doctor who refuses to deny doing anything wrong that can ruin the name of doctor’s community just for some money. Ganga is furious and says that men are useless so she will do everything needed.

At night, Ganga and Avinash dress up like respectively like nurse and ward boy and goes into the room where the baby is. Ganga is about to grab the baby when the doctor comes and stops them. Their faces are covered with the mask so he doesn’t recognize them but ask Ganga, thinking that she is the nurse, what the ward boy is doing there. Ganga replies that he will stay at night there instead of her. The doctor gives her an injection to give to the baby and then leaves.

Ganga asks Avinash to stay near the door so that he can keep an eye on who is coming. Ganga looks at the baby and says that her time to leave has come but just then her cloth gets entangled with the baby cot. Avinash asks her to hurry up. He comes to help her but mistakenly gives her the injection. Ganga is about to scream for pain but Avinahs puts a hand on her mouth. She bashes him. The baby laughs. Ganga cries for pain and says that she is going to kill the baby right now.

Before Ganga can do anything, Guddan comes there. Ganga and Avinahs behave like nurse and ward boy and then walks away while Guddan goes to the baby and asks why she didn’t sleep yet. Ganga hits the door. Guddan asks if she is fine. Avinash makes excuse that she is just very tired and then they both leave.

Ganga tells her baby that Lord Krishna is her best friend and asks her to hail him. She says that Lord Krishna has always taken care of her and will take care of her baby too. She says that tomorrow there will be an aarti to celebrate her arrival in the house.

The next morning Durga asks Lakshmi to prepare the thaal for the pooja. Lakshmi asks her to bring some happiness on the face. Durga asks Lakshmi if she doesn’t feel like something wrong is happening but Durga convinces her to accept whatever happened and just celebrate the arrival of the baby in the house. Guddan and Akshat come with the baby and they go to them. Ganga looks at them and says that it seems like she can use Durga as her next weapon.

Charulatha asks Saraswati to bring some oil and removes the evil eye from the baby. Then she goes to drop the oil on the door.

Ganga starts brain washing Durga and says that she is worried because the baby is not Guddan’s and the real mother could come anytime. It seems like Guddan heard her as she turns around and walks to Ganga and Durga. She asks them what they were talking about. Akshat handles the situation saying that Ganga and Durga just meant that the baby is not only Guddan’s but whole family’s. Durga agrees and says that the family is so happy with the baby coming in the house. Charulatha, Lakshmi and Durga start saying that the baby is also their child.

Ganga holds the baby saying that she is also hers and she will take care of her. The baby pees on Ganga’s hand. Everybody laughs. Guddan takes the baby back in her arms. Avinash says that Ganga is used to all this as every time she holds the baby, she pees on her. Guddan asks when that happened. Avinash makes excuse saying that she was talking about babies in general.

The family asks Guddan to take rest. Charulatha asks Akshat to take care of Guddan so he lifts her in his arms and leaves. Charulatha prays that every eye evil shall stay away from her children. Ganga says that it is too late to pray now.

Akshat brings Guddan in the room and surprises her as it is all decorated with balloons, teddies and candles. She gets very happy and talks sweetly with the baby saying that her father has become so intelligent since she has come. Akshat start arguing with her as she just called him stupid and calls Guddan clumsy. Guddan taunts Akshat for being so rude. Akshat mocks her back. They keep arguing until the baby starts crying so they start blaming each other. Akshat tries to calm the baby down and says that she might be hungry but Guddan says that she is the mother so she knows everything about her. Akshat gets upset hearing that as he is hiding the truth from her.

Episode ends