Faltu 27th November 2022 Written Update: Siddharth and Pappi ploys against Ayaan


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Episode starts with Tanisha coming inside Mittal’s house and shouts Ayaan’s name. Everyone gathers around there while she questions them about him. They all gets confused and ask about the matter, to which she replies that he is again ignoring her. She states that they have to do a lot of preparations for the marriage but he isn’t picking her call. Meanwhile, Mittals finds about Ayaan being missing from the house. Janardan states that he strictly prohibited him from doing any office related work.

Here, Janardan reminds about his decision that Ayaan will only focus on his marriage till he gets settled with Tanisha. He ask about Ayaan’s whereabouts and gets furious at him for disappointing him. Meanwhile, Sumitra starts provoking them against Ayaan. Siddharth also takes the opportunity and starts manipulating Tanisha against Ayaan.

Siddharth proclaims that why Ayaan is ignoring Tanisha? He tells her that there is so much of pending work there for the marriage. He ask her to confront Ayaan about the truth and says that what could be the reason for him to goes missing all the time. At that moment Ayaan comes there and tells that he have his reasons.

Elsewhere, Janardan questions Ayaan about the matter while the latter apologises to him. Everyone gets confused while Savita ask him about it. He says that he wants to reveal a secret while Siddharth gets elated thinking that Ayaan will confess the truth about Faltu. He imagines that Ayaan will get punished by the family and then he can marry Tanisha.

Ayaan sees Janardan while the latter ask him to speak clearly. Ayaan reminds Janardan that how he always wanted to open a new branch of their business and tells that he cracked a deal for it and now they will soon open their new branch. Janardan gets elated and hugs Ayaan. He shows his gratitude towards Ayaan for fulfilling his dream.

Ahead, Janardan requests Tanisha for forgive Ayaan last time. Whereas, he also apologizes to her and she finally gets convinced. She goes to his room and unpacks his stuffs while she confronts him about the flowers and gifts given by Faltu. He recalls his moment with Faltu and tells Tanisha about it, while she gets furious and ask him to stay away from Faltu. She talks ill about the latter while Ayaan takes a stand for Faltu.

Faltu wakes up and misses her family. She then starts doing exercise while suddenly she feels sick. She recalls about her disease and then remembers about how Ayaan made her relaxed. She smiles recalling him and then meets Alok and Rijula. She decides to bring flowers for the puja while the latter tries to stop her. She some how convinces Rijula and goes out.

Further, Pappi meets Siddharth along with Ratan and his mens. They ploys against Ayaan while Siddharth gives them money to follow his commands. Meanwhile, Ayaan gets into an argument with Tanisha but then tries to make her understand. He apologises to her recalling his promise given to her. He ask her to forget about everything else and then decides to go out for their shopping. Whereas, Ayaan thinks about his connection with Faltu and states that he can’t ignore it.

Precap:- Faltu comes in front of Janardan’s car and ask him to come out. She lashes out at him while he gets irked by her behavior. The driver throws her away while she throws mud on Janardan. Meanwhile, Alok and Rijula comes inside Mittal’s house along with Faltu. Janardan gets furious and questions that what is she doing there? He then recalls Ayaan’s words that he wanted to teach a lesson to the person who have thrown mud on Janardan. He tells that Faltu is that person and ask him to throw her out of the house while the latter gets shocked.

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