Faltu 5th March 2023 Written Update: Kanika becomes aware of someone following her!


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Episode begins with Faltu observing Kanika. Faltu sees Kanika is meeting some other Vishal so she feels stupid. Here, Amar says Rocky is not in room so Janardhan says check if he took things from house? Amar says everything is there, maybe he went to market. Janardhan says let me know once he comes. Tanisha asks are you ready for the party? Janardhan says of course that is why I am here.

Here, Kanika asks the driver if the auto came here? Driver says no it didn’t. Flashback is shown where Kanika and Driver observe a auto so Kanika decides to change the location and asks Aman to meet her. Flashback ends. Kanika thinks who can it be the person who knows I am here to meet Vishal. Kanika thinks Faltu is gone so is it Ayaan. Kanika worries. Ayaan talks to someone to find Vishal fast as he needs to prove Faltu’s innocence. Rocky comes to home with bags.

Janardhan stops him and asks who are you? Govind says this is Rocky. Dadi asks where did you went? Rocky says I went to get my personal item, any problem? Janardan says give me your id card. Rocky looks worried and cries saying am I being fired or am I in trouble? Savita says no no you are not, we just want to get your family’s number to contact them in case of emergencies. Janardhan says give me your family’s number. Rocky cries and sits down. Rocky says my family was against me to become an actor as they wanted me to work in the field they have.

Rocky says if they get to know I cook instead of act then I will be embarrassed and they will laugh at me. Rocky cries. Janardhan says hence proved it’s not right to go against parents so you can’t work here without id. Rocky says I have this ID card which can help you. Rocky gives an ID card with his photo and name and says this is from Tiger actor I got. Janardhan agrees to consider it and asks Rocky to make a proper ID soon. Flashback shows when Faltu’s friends helped her make this fake ID. Rocky thinks I got saved on time. Everyone leaves. He dances. Ayaan watches him and when he goes, Ayaan stops him.

Ayaan says I am sorry for the way Janardhan acted with you, I know how you must be feeling, I know a girl who came here to find her dreams but she is lost now. Rocky thinks how to tell you that girl is not lost, I can’t tell you who I am right now. Ayaan goes. Rocky comes to kitchen and Tanisha gives him a list. Rocky thinks so many things and half of them are english cuisine. Savita says let’s start cooking together. Rocky says I am here to cook so let me handle it on my own or else Hunuman ji will get angry. Savita says but you don’t know where what is kept and it’s so many dishes. Rocky says I will handle. Rocky makes them all leave the kitchen and starts cooking. Rocky puts earpods, sees cooking videos and cooks. Everyone comes to check him from far time to time.

Later, in the party everyone appreciates Tanisha’s decorations and then Tanisha and Ayaan’s look. Ayaan excuses himself for a bit. Rocky thinks to use this opportunity and keep an eye on everyone. Kanika comes to Tanisha. Kanika says did Ayaan go somewhere out today? Tanisha says no he was with me. Kanika says today I was going to meet Vishal when someone followed her on auto. Tanisha says who will follow her from auto and that too from here. Tanisha goes while Kanika thinks I have to be more aware. Rocky hears this and thinks so that is why she changed the venue last minute.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rocky’s cooking is praised. Later, Rocky stops Ayaan from eating a dish saying he is allergic. Everyone questions him that how does he know about it?

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