Faltu Upcoming Story: Faltu to come in between Ayaan and Tanisha’s moment!


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Star Pluss’ show Faltu is showing a lot of twists and turns. The show has always been popular with the viewers for it’s unique concept, now with Ayaan knowing the truth of him marrying Faltu, viewers are excited for the upcoming.

Lately, it was shown how Faltu had to return to Mumbai. She helps Tanisha to make Ayaan hate her. Ayaan gets suspicious about Faltu’s changed attitude. With sid trying to show proof to Ayaan indirectly, Ayaan gets curious to know who married Faltu that night in the temple.

In today’s episode, Faltu asks Charan to go to Village and tell Ayaan about how they both are leaving for village. Ayaan gets a call from Charan and he gets shocked and more guilty to hear Faltu is giving up on cricket. Kanika pays the girls and Vishal.

She orders them to take Ayaan’s name if anyone asks them who asked them to do this. Later, Ayaan and Tanisha go for the counselling session. Faltu approaches the lady to consider a guy cook named Rocky to work in Mittal house. The lady hesitates but then agrees.

Faltu gets up as Rocky and plans to go for the cook selection. Ayaan orders someone to look into Vishal and his actions. Kanika calms a worried Tanisha and asks her to enjoy each moment with Ayaan. The cooking competition starts for cook selection and Rocky enters.

Faltu worries if anyone would recognise her. Rocky impresses everyone with his cooking skills and Ayaan also likes the taste so he gets the job. Ayaan tries to trace Vishal’s location but fails. Rockh gets the job and gets to stay in Ayaan’s old room. Tanisha plans a party but Ayaan gets angry. Ayaan realises that he only loves Faltu.

Later, Rocky hears someone talk to Vishal and it turns out to be Kanika so he starts following Kanika. Kanika feels fishy who can it be. Later in the party Tanisha and Ayaan play lot of compatibility games but they fail to prove their compatibility.

Rocky saves Ayaan from eating sweet potato everyone questions him about how he knows. Rocky thanks Amar for informing him. They all become grateful to Rocky while Savita taunts Tanisha for not knowing this. Ayaan finds Rocky funny and makes him laugh.

Later, Tanisha tries to get intimate with Ayaan in room when Ayaan plans to go out as he is not interested in it. Ayaan goes to Rocky’s room and waits for him. Rocky gets information on cricket academy girls how they have got money now for the torture they did with her also how there is a cricket match on holi.

Rocky decides to manage time well so that he can execute all the plans. Rocky comes to room when the lights go out, he worries as he takes out his get up and turns into Faltu but Ayaan calls out for Rocky.

Faltu hurries to wear the wig the moustach. When the light comes back, Faltu is upset seeing a kiss mark on Ayaan’s neck. On Holika Dahan, Ayaan remembers Faltu and the gujiyas she made. Everyone likes the gujiyas made by Rocky. Here, Vishal is drinking in the hospital so Kanika warna him.

Later, Rocky gives Kanika a advise to do a detox from phone for the festival days. Rocky uses this opportunity during holika dahan to get into her phone but fails as Tanisha comes there.

Next day Holi preparations start and Kinshuk asks Rocky to play holi atleast till 1pm then he can leave. Tanisha would not be able to put colour on Ayaan first as Rocky puts colour by mistake. Here, Ayaan finally agrees to play holi and drinks bhaang.

In upcoming episodes, Kanika will see Rocky use her phone so she will suspect her. It will be interesting to watch how Tanisha reacts to Faltu’s entry in the house? Will this new challenge bring Faltu and Ayaan close?

Will Faltu be able to arrange money for her father and save their reputation?

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