Faltu Upcoming Story: Tanisha and Kanika’s plan to backfire on them!


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Star Pluss’ show Faltu is showing a lot of twists and turns. With Faltu getting a confession out of Vishal, she is now in for a big shock when Vishal is all set to make Faltu believe that Ayaan was the master mind behind this plan.

Now a huge challenge is waiting for Faltu as Sid has come to know about Faltu’s dual life, of Rocky and Faltu. Viewers are curious to watch if Faltu will believe in the fake evidence or have faith in her feelings for Ayaan!

In today’s episode, Sid decides to take help from Sumitra and do this big revealation soon. Next day, Sid reveals Faltu’s true face and accuses Ayaan for bringing Faltu as Rocky. Sid will out allegations on Ayaan that he went to meet Rocky so much because of this reason. Tanisha worries and everyone gets shocked.

Upon asking from Faltu, she reveals how she came here to find the culprit behind the academy incident and she has proof now. Tanisha and Kanika worry about what proof Faltu has. Faltu decides to reveal about it only to Ayaan alone. Tanisha and Janardhan try to stop Ayaan but Ayaan decides to go.

Faltu reveals to Ayaan how due to his own ego he ruined her career and she has proof. Ayaan gets shocked. Ayaan says I always supported you and still am, I was angry at you but my anger went when I got to know I put sindoor on you. This shocks Faltu that Ayaan knows the truth. Faltu still tries to deny but then is stopped by Ayaan as he has seen the video.

Faltu tells about how Vishal and the academy girls everyone got money from his account first she didn’t believe them but then they had proof. Ayaan feels hurt but he assures Faltu that he will find the real culprit and prove himself innocent. Ayaan confesses his love for Faltu. Faltu gets shocked.

Ayaan leaves to get the account statement from office. Sumitra instigates Tanisha saying how Ayaan always chose Faltu over Tanisha. Tanisha panics and reveals how they were behind Faltu’s defame video.

Sid goes to look for Ayaan and finds Faltu. Sid tries to feed to Faltu how Ayaan always cares for her and loves her. Faltu asks him to leave. Sid thinks to make Faltu realise her love for Ayaan.

Later, Ayaan beats Vishal and gets to know Kanika is behind all this. Ayaan reveals Kanika’s bad evil plan against Faltu. Everyone gets shocked. Kanika buys some sympathy for herself by saying she did all this for Tanisha as Ayaan was not getting over Faltu.

Ayaam reveals to everyone that he put sindoor on Faltu. Tanisha feels her relationship is coming to an end. Janardhan and Kanika assure Faltu to make a public statement about Kanika’s mistake and get her back into academy. Ayaan doesn’t stop there and denies to start fresh with Tanisha.

In upcoming episodes, Ayaan will apologies to Tanisha for not being able to reciprocate to her love. Ayaan will decide to part ways with Tanisha as she can never do justice to her feelings.

Ayaan will confess his love for Faltu shocking everyone. Tanisha will agree to divorce Ayaan and will ask him to go to Ittarpur as well. Kanika will plan to make Faltu’s game over.

It will be interesting to watch, how Tanisha will react to Faltu’s presence in Mumbai?

Will this new challenge bring Faltu and Ayaan close? Will Faltu doubt on Ayaan?

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