Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th June 2022 Written Update: Meera gets arrested


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meera getting stunned on seeing Agastya in front of her. Meanwhile Yug comes to Pakhi’s house to check if she’s at home. All tries to stop him saying that Pakhi isn’t well and she is resting in the room. Yug forcibly goes in and sees Pakhi lying on the bed. Shanaya requests him to not disturb Pakhi as she is really not well. Yug asks why the back door lock is opened to which Shanaya says that it must have broken by getting by a ball. Yug leaves. Shanaya thanks the girl, who pretended to be Pakhi. She recalls them planning about the same,

Meera gets horrified when Agastya keeps approaches her. Dai Maa cautions her to not go out of the circle made vermillion. Meera goes out of it, but then comes inside it and begs Dai Maa to save her. Dai Maa says that matter went out of her hand. Meera walks backward and her dress catches fire falling over a candle. Meera shouts to save her. Agastya says that he will kill her by burning alive like she tried to kill him. Meera pours water over her dress and dozes off the fire. Dai Maa says that Meera should confess her crimes and apologize to Gautam to get saved from Agastya’s spirit. Meera asks for what she should apologize.

Agastya says that she lied enough. Pakhi moves the trishul using the remote. Meera gets frightened and confesses all her crimes and apologizez to Agastya. She begs him to leave her. Dai Maa says that Meera hasn’t confessed all her crimes so Agastya’s spirit isn’t leaving. Meera admits that she kidnapped Pakhi’s parents and kept captive in the warehouse behind their office, but she didn’t do anything.

Mohit arrives there with Police which stuns Meera. Agastya tells about Pakhi’s parents location. Mohit and police leave. Pakhi taunts Meera and says that Agastya is alive despite she trying to kill him as Dadi’s blessings with him. She adds that her parents are safe too as they have their daughters blessings, but she won’t understand all this.

Agastya says that He and Pakhi are together, so she can do anything. He says that they did all drama to make her confess all her crimes. He says to the police to take her. A lady constable arrests Meera and takes away. Pakhi wants to go to her parents. Agastya assures that nothing will happen to them and says to go to their family at her old house as it’s important for Yug to get arrested as well.

Mohit and police team reach the warehouse to save Pakhi’s parents. Meera’s goons attack police team. Agastya comes there and shoots the goons. He says to Mohit to help the police. Mohit obliges. Agastya frees Sameer and Prema. Two more goons come there and attack Agastya. The latter overpowers them. One goon tries to shoot Sameer.

Agastya saves Sameer and gets hurt in this process. He bits that goon. Prema asks Agastya about Pakhi. Agastya assures that she’s fine. Sameer worries that Meera will get furious if she returns home. Agastya says that Meera’s chapter is over. Agastya apologizes to them for his misdeeds and says that he sees his parents in them.

Shanya tries to stop Yug from checking Pakhi. Yug says that she can’t take advantage of his concern for her. Just then Pakhi arrives there saying it’s not the case. Yug gets stunned and says that Meera won’t spare them if she gets to know this. Pakhi says that Meera can’t do anything. She shows police. Police arrests Yug.

Meera is brought to the police station. Meera denies her allegations. Agastya reaches there with Pakhi’s parents and Pakhi reaches there with Agastya’s family. Pakhi meets her parents and shares an emotional moment. Prema says that Agastya saved Sameer and got hurt while doing the same. Agastya meets Dadi and apologizes to her. Police brings Yug there. Meera takes an officer’s gun and takes Pakhi at gun point shocking all.

The episode ends.

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