Finally, TV Shows all set to resume with….

From past few days we are reporting the good news about TV and Film industry that has already suffered a huge loss amid the coronavirus lockdown; can now resume their shoot under the guidelines issued by the Maharashtra Government and Producers Guild of India.

The latest reports by ABP News and IWM Buzz also says that few of the producers are planning to shift their sets to Hyderabad Ramoji Film City in order to provide quiet a safe environment for the artists and the helpers, as Mumbai is still in a containment zone. Rashmi Sharma produced show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is the first name who popped out to resume to the shoot at Ramoji Film City. Well, we all have to wait a little to know when exactly shows are resuming the shoot, as it is expected to start again from the first/second week of June.

Before begin the shoot few guidelines have been released to follow strictly, as the small mistake can simply give a chance to the invisible virus to attack anyone. Thus, maintaining social distance and hygiene is the foremost instruction given by the government and the Producers Guild of India. Here, are few more instructions given to be followed on the sets. Read them out below!

  • Using of handwash, sanitizers and mask is mandatory for everyone on entry, exist and during the shoot.
  • Each crew member will be provided with the triple layer medical mask and gloves which will be mandatory to wear during the entire shoot.
  • Handshakes, Hugs and Kisses will be strictly avoided to continue maintaining social distancing
  • Designated people will only be allowed to open the doors if any.
  • Three types of sanitizers will be provided to use them appropriately: Hand Sanitizer, Surface Sanitizer and Space Sanitizer.
  • Two or more meters of distance between the colleagues to be maintained.
  • Edible items used in scenes in which the actor has to consume either a beverage or food must be handled in a hygienic manner.
  • Crew, artists & participants will be called at-least 45 mins prior to shoot to ensure thorough implementation of safety precautions.
  • Do not leave used masks unattended and dispose them off in the bins provided on location.
  • All in-house office housekeeping staff hired directly or through third party vendors to have mandatory Covid-19 sanitizing / cleaning courses and certified training done.
  • Precautions to be taken about maintaining proper distance between various people on shooting location so that any containment of virus through close contact is avoided.
  • Create floor markings on the locations for everyone to stand so the people maintain social distancing in a systematic manner.
  • It is advisable to give priority to portable chairs over standard benches.

Producer of Guild has also asked to practice work from home.

  • Encourage a work-from-home strategy where possible. Anyone who can work remotely must be allowed to do so, on rotational basis. People over the age of 60, or with co-morbidities and health issues to work from home.

Proper training about precautions to be taken during the shoot to be given to all involved in the shoot. Carry out a drill every day with entire staff regarding precautions so that it becomes a habit.

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