Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story: Devyani to accuse Pakhi for Sai’s condition!


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Star Plus popular serial Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

In the earlier episode, Pakhi gets angry at Bhavani for supporting Sai and letting her stay at the Chavan Niwas. She rebukes Chavans for not seeing her pain and getting soft towards Sai. She even curses Sai and declares that the latter won’t be able to stay happy. Whereas, Virat rebukes Pakhi and ask her to stop. He takes a stand for Sai, whereas Bhavani also scolds Pakhi.

Here, Sai gets tired of proving her innocence and declares that Samrat died while saving her. She shares her agony with everyone and proclaims that no one can see her pain. She states that she can’t able to accept the truth about Samrat’s death and requests them to show mercy on her.

Sai cries and wears the funeral garland stating that she can’t be able to bear their taunts. Virat and Ashwini gets concerned for her and makes her remove it, stating that it isn’t good for the baby.

Ahead, Pakhi declares that Sai is doing drama to gain sympathy, while Bhavani stops her. Whereas, Sai goes upstairs but feels dizzy and falls from the stairs. Virat along with others rushes to the hospital and admits Sai.

Chavans gets devastated learning about Sai’s miscarriage, while Pakhi’s mother and Mansi tries to make the latter realise about her mistake. Pakhi confronts Mansi and denies to take her curse back.

Later, Bhavani finds about Sai’s miscarriage and gets shocked. Whereas, Devyani blames Pakhi for it and decides to visit Sai in order to support her. Sai breaksdown after finding about the news and cries along with Virat. Whereas, Ashwini and Ninad consoles them and assures that they will surely get blessed with a child soon.

Now in the upcoming episode, Sai and Virat will meet the doctor and ask if she will be able to get pregnant in the future? To which the doctor will reveal that Sai won’t be able to carry a child in her womb again. Sai and Virat will get shocked, while the latter goes out of the cabin. Ashwini will see him and cries, she tries to stop him but he goes away being devastated. Whereas, Sai will cry looking at the doctor.

Will Sai be able to bear the pain of losing her unborn child?

Will Sai and Virat gets apart due to the miscarriage?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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