Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 14th March 2023 Written Update: Sai and Virat share a cute moment


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 14th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat saying to Sai ‘Vinayak’s room gets sun rays and hence he brought an eye mask.’ He gives it to Sai. Sai asks him to go now and let the children sleep. Virat says there is one more problem in the room I.e mosquitoes. He says he will close all windows and closes them.

Vinayak says Dad is correct. Virat says it’s done. Sai asks if can they sleep. Virat says they have to place a mosquito net around the bed. Vinayak and Savi ask him to place it. Virat brings the net. While fixing a mosquito net, Sai falls on Virat. Both are lost in each other. They share cute moments. Pakhi walks in and notices Sai and Virat lost in each other.

Pakhi asks if nobody wants to go to school or the office. Vinayak apologises to Pakhi for the lateness.
Savi and Vinu wish each other good night. Vinu leaves to sleep. Pakhi asks Virat if she has to explain to him in any other language. Virat says he knows what he has to do and doesn’t need to tell him another language.

Virat admits that he hurt her in his inebriated state and asks her to stop mocking him. He says you’re my wife and don’t try to be my mom. Pakhi says glad you realized that I’m your wife. Virat says good night to Savi. He asks her to call him if she needs him. Savi agrees. Virat leaves.

The next day, Sai goes to the kitchen and recalls her past moments in the kitchen with Virat and his family. She tells herself that she is not part of the family and she is just here for Savi. She prepares tea for her. Bhavani comes there and asks her to make her tea and leave.

Sonali walks in and sees Sai. She asks Sai to prepare tea and poha for her. Sai tries to talk but Sonali leaves hearing her husband’s call. Karishma comes there and requests Sai to prepare poha and tea for Mohit. Sai feels helpless.

At the dining table, Mohit praises the smell of poha. Karishma tells him it’s made by Sai. Everyone praises Sai’s poha. Bhavani says indirectly says Sai is going to have a fresh start today according to her horoscope. Sai says she wants to tell something.

Pakhi hits on the plate. Omi asks why she is making the noise. Pakhi says it’s to gather attention. She reminds them that she is the daughter in law of the house and asks them to tell her if they want anything not to outsiders. She tells Sai that she is just a guest and warns her to not try to become the owner.

Sai says I know that I’m a guest here and not part of the family and I tried to tell the same to family members. She says I’m in the kitchen early so everyone asked me to prepare tiffin so learn to maintain time and be in the kitchen on time.

On the way, Sai thinks about Pakhi’s words. She gets stuck in the traffic. She asks the auto driver what happened. The biker says some lady falls unconscious in her car. Sai goes to the lady and sees it’s the commissioner’s wife. She sees insulin beside her and says she might go into shock as she is diabetic.

The new guy says it’s a heart attack. Sai asks how he knows and who he is. The new guy says the patient turned blue so it’s a heart attack. Sai asks him to stop acting like a doctor and heart attack won’t happen at this age and everyone acts like a Doctor reading articles on the net. She asks someone to call an ambulance.

He says he called the ambulance and it’s on the way. An ambulance comes there. Ward boy recognizes Sai. They take the Commissioner’s wife on a stretcher. A new guy tries to go in the ambulance but Sai stops him and goes with the patient.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pakhi says guest room on Sai’s room door. Bhavani says fate won’t change with her writings and I saw in Sai’s horoscope that today she will have a new start. On another side the chief doctor makes Sai meet the new Doctor who turned out to be the one who diagnosed the commissioner’s wife had a heart attack.

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