Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 21st November 2022 Written Update: Sai’s open challenge to Virat


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 21st November 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with Savi making Sai to sit in front of Virat’s chair and proclaims that now they are a complete family. She states that they will eat together from the same plate, while Pakhi gets shocked but controls her emotions in front of others. Sai and Virat picks up a bite from the plate and their hands gets touched. They recalls their past and gets flashes of how they used to feed one another lovingly. They keeps staring at each other and falls into an eye lock, while Savi brings them back to the reality asking that why they are staring at one another?

Here, Virat and Sai breaks their eye lock and makes some excuses while Pakhi feels bad seeing them but stays quiet. Savi demands to eat spicy food but Sai denies her. Vinayak starts teasing her and says that she can never have it. She gets offended and proclaims that she will surely eat it. They both gets into a banter, while Sai smiles seeing them.

Vinayak starts eating the spicy food while Savi also starts eating it. Pakhi, Sai and Virat gets concerned for their kids, whole suddenly both the kids starts choking due to the spicy taste. They asks for water, while Sai and Virat looks at Savi and gives her water without caring about Vinayak. Pakhi gets furious and immediately gives it to Vinayak.

Elsewhere, Pakhi scolds Virat for being partial towards Savi and proclaims that even Vinayak needs his attention. The latter looks at both his kids and tells them that they can’t eat spicy food anymore. He handles the situation and makes the kids understand about the matter.

Chavans finishes the food and then goes towards the hall. They all surrounds Savi and proclaims that they all have brought gifts for her. They starts giving expensive items to the latter while Savi gets elated. Sai becomes shocked, whereas Savi says that she can’t take such expensive gifts without Sai’s approval. She looks at Sai while the latter states that she can’t let her daughter accept it.

Ahead, Sai appreciates Chavans efforts but declares that Savi is small and so she keeps her away from such expensive gifts. Virat gets furious and states that she is denying because his family is giving Savi the gifts. He mocks her that she let Jagtap give expensive gifts to Savi but isn’t ready to accept their ones. Savi smiles and agrees to Virat stating that Jagtap has always given her several gifts.

Sai gets silent and let Savi receive all the gifts. Whereas, Virat also handsover a page to her. Savi ask Sai to read it while the latter gets stunned seeing the admission form of Savi to a school. Virat smiles proudly and proclaims that it is the best school of Nagpur and declares that both his kids will go there together. Sai gets shocked and takes Virat out in order to talk to him personally.

Further, Sai tells Virat that he can’t take decisions for Savi alone and have to discuss it with her before telling it to anyone. Virat says that Sai must not have thought about putting Savi to school due to financial conditions but proclaims that he have arranged a tutor who can teach Savi for the interview. Sai gets furious and proclaims that she have taught her daughter enough to clarify the interview. She challenges Virat while he accepts it and preponed the interview. Whereas, Ashwini gives a gift to Sai while Pakhi gets hurt and leaves from there. Sai denies to take the gift and reminds Ashwini about her hurtful words. The latter regrets and tries to convince Sai but the latter stays firm on her decision.

Pracap:- Pakhi meets Sai in the cafe and apologises to her for calling in urgency. She reminds Savi that Virat is trying to send Vinayak to same school as of Savi and proclaims that she have problem with that. Sai states that she tried to talk to Virat bit he isn’t ready to listen to her. Pakhi states that she can’t let her son gets sandwiched in between them, while Sai ask that what she can do? To which Pakhi ask her to leave Nagpur along with her daughter. She states that Sai can go anywhere she wants and assures that she will provide all the expense. Meanwhile, Sai sees Virat and takes his name, while Pakhi turns and sees him glaring at her after hearing their conversation.

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