Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 25th October 2021 Written Update: Chavans stands with Sai when Sonali calls Sai orphan


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 25th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sonali complaing about Bhawani infront of Omkar, she blames Sai for this and taunts Omkar for not supporting her. Sai gets dressed and ask Sonali that does she needs any help. Sonali fires after seeing her and ask her to go otherwise her husband will come and fire on her. Sai tells that nobody will come and she will help her, she ask her to get up and can go and do other work. Sonali pushes Sai, Bhawani saves her from falling.

Everyone comes near them and Bhawani says that she should not push Sai as she came from hospital. Sai says that she is fine but still Bhawani says that Sonali should get punisemt for what she has done, Bhawani says it very clearly that this work only Sonali will complete and nobody will help her as it’s her punishment. Bhawani adds to it that until and unless Sonali will complete this work she will not get up. Pakhi taunts Sai on this. Ashwini helps Sai to get up. Bhawani brings ginger and throws I front of her. Bhawani reminds her that Sonali did the same thing with Sai past year. Sonali says that she is getting targetted, even Omkar supports Sonali. Ninad supports Bhawani, Omkar taunta Sai when she tries to explain. While Shivani shouts and explains Omkar that Sai is also a part of this house, she also have right to speak. Omkar says that one due to Sai this house will break. Ashwini ask not to say bad words against Sai as she is coming from hospital. Sonali taunts Sai and tells that how she will understand how to behave with elders as she is orphan.

Everyone is shocked hearing Silonali taunt, Sai closes her eyes and feels broken as she tries to leave Samrat comes in her support. Samrat says that she is not orphan as he is her elder brother. Sunny says that he is her younger brother and Virat also comes in her support. But he falls in dilemma what relation he shares with Sai, then he says that he will stand will Sai in every nook and corner of life. Even Ashwini says that she is her mother, Bhawani also supports Sai with Ninad and they command that no body should call Sai orphan infront of them. The whole family comes in support of Sai.

tells to Sonali that she also have a family she should not speak like this, Bhawani says that she also have to give some work to Omkar. Sonali says to Omkar that today we have seen our place in this home. Vaishali comes, Bhawani says that all tha Bahu are preparing Mahabhog for them. Bawani ask Sonali to go and cook, Sonali hurts her herself. Pakhi comes and bandage her, Bhawani orders Pakhi to grind the spices and bring it fast. Pakhi says that she is preparing other things for pooja and even she and Samrat are doing Aarti, Bhawani says that Sai and Virat are doing Aarti. Sai ask if anyone don’t have any problem she will love to do Aarti.

Precap- Sai tells to Virat that Aaye told them to stay in seperate rooms. She says that husband and wife should stay together. Then she ask Virat what is their relationship name, Virat says that he doesn’t have any answer for this question, while Pakhi comes in their room.

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