Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story : Virat decides to fulfil his promise to Kamal


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Karishma and Ahswini tell Mansi everything will be ok. Shivani asks Mansi ask what you want to know. Mansi asks about Samrat Shivani asks her to pick up a card and tell about Samrat. Bhavani tells we ask way from people who can see not from blind people. Shivani looks at card and says it’s card of strength. I can lie but my cards never lie. Samrat will be back. Usha moushi brings tea for Virat. Ninad calls Virat. Virat asks about Samrat. Ninad asks how you know about Samrat?

Virat remembers Pakhi telling him about Samrat, Ninad says Sunny might have told you. Virat tells Ninad you told me a incident that a soldier saved your life I had a similar incident in my life. Virat says I am lost,Kamal sir took the bullet that was supposed to hit me and starts crying. He says Kamal sir took a promise from me before dying. Now I am stuck between heart and mind whom to listen. Ninad tells him alwayss listen to your mind. I trust your decision,fulfil your promise it is your duty.

Doctor says Sai is ok but only because of you. You can meet her one by one now. Karishma tells that Mansi bhua pulled a card and Shivani said it is card of strength but in reality Shivani lied it was card of danger. There is something wrong. Virat goes to see Sai. There is blood on her forhead like sindoor from Virat’s hand earlier. He tries to remove it. Virat asks her how is she? Why did she do all this? Sai says don’t ask I thought you might be gone by now. If I knew you were going to do something like ds I would have never left you alone. He gives water to Sai as she starts coughing and helps her lie back. Virat says I knew Kamal sir was your entire world .

Don’t forget Kamal sir wanted to see you happy become a doctor. You have to live to fulfil his dream. Virat says I want you to become a successful doctor. Do you remember how happy your father was when you topped 12. Just imagine how happy he will be when you become doctor. I will stand with you to achieve this dream.

Virat says I never wanted to insult you,I am sorry. Sai says I am sorry you couldn’t go to Nagpur because of me. Virat says I will go tomorrow. He asks her to promise that she won’t think of anything stupid like suicide again. Sai tells go to Nagpur you bestfriend Pakhi might be waiting for you. Virat says she is also my brother’s wife. Sai asks him to leave. Virat says if you hate me so much I wont show you my face tomorrow and leaves.

Precap – Milind and everyone tells Virar that you Saved Sai’s life now please take care of her too. Virat says I am going to fulfil my promise I am ready to marry Sai.