Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 15th June 2022 Written Update: Bhavani takes Sai and Virat to visit a doctor


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 15th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhavani accusing Pakhi for Sai’s miscarriage, whereas the latter gets shocked. Pakhi declares that she never wanted to hurt Virat and Sai’s child. She tries to explain herself and clearifies that she cursed Sai in anger. But, Bhavani denies to believe her and ask her to leave the house. Mansi takes a stand for Pakhi and declares that she is not at fault. She goes against Bhavani and proclaims to go out of the house along with Pakhi. Everyone gets shocked, while Sai stops them and declares that she don’t blame Pakhi for her state.

Here, Sai says that she doesn’t wanted to come back to Chavan Niwas because she was shattered by her miscarriage. She assures that she doesn’t blame Pakhi for her situation and says that her body isn’t ready to carry a child. She declares that she is also a doctor and understands it. She continues that even if she gets pregnant, her body won’t be able to bear a child in her womb.

Sai breaksdown in front of Chavans, while Virat consoles her. He also agrees with Sai and insists Bhavani not to punish Pakhi for their loss. Sai tells that even Pakhi has gone through a lot after Samrat’s death. Bhavani says that she can see how Pakhi mistreats Sai and declares that the latter have to leave the house.

Elsewhere, Bhavani denies to hear anyone and ask Pakhi to leave immediately. She says that she will send her clothes via Mohit, while Devyani agrees to her mother’s decision. Pakhi gets shocked and becomes furious at the Chavans. Meanwhile, Mansi also says that she will leave along with Pakhi.

Pakhi’s mother takes her daughter and Mansi and starts going out of the house, when Virat tries to stop them. Pakhi turns and sees him anxious, but at that time Sai feels pain and Virat starts looking at her. Pakhi goes out of the house with her mother and Mansi.

Ahead, Sai shares her agony with Virt and says that she never wanted Pakhi to leave the house, while Virat also agrees to her. He opens the cupboard and gets emotional seeing the toys he bought for his kid and gets flashes of moments when he celebrated Sai’s pregnancy. They both shares their pain, while Bhavani shows her concern towards Sai and decides to take them to a doctor.

Bhavani visits a doctor with Sai and Virat. They questions the doctor about Sai’s condition, while he declares that she won’t be able to conceive, but they can have a baby either by adopting a child or via surrogacy. Virat gets devastated and ask for some other way, but gets negative answer. Bhavani gets furious at doctor and goes from there.

Further, Pakhi’s mother instigates Mansi against Chavans. Whereas, the latter gets hurt remembering that no one tried to stop them. Pakhi assures to always protect Mansi and shares that Virat tries to stop her from leaving. She remembers how Virat was worried for her and gets happy. Meanwhile, Ashwini and Ninad ask Bhavani not to pressurize Sai and Virat for the baby. Whereas, the latter gets angry and goes away from there.

Precap:- Sai and Virat decorates a baby cradle and gets happy. Sai sings a song and hugs Virat. They becomes excited to welcome their baby, while Pakhi smirks and puts hands on her stomach. She declares that she will break Sai’s dream and will keep the baby to herself.

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