Kaamnaa 8th June 2022 Written Update: Vaibhav shocked with Niharika’s return.


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The episode starts with Yadhu consoling Ayesha. He plays an act of role playing with Yadhu acting as Ayesha and Ayesha acting as Niharika. They pretend like Niharika identifying Ayesha. Ayesha speaks emotionally like Niharika. She sees Yadhu upset for real and asks about it. Yadhu says about his mother who left him for her own selfish reasons. He says that he wishes to have a mother like her and cries hugging her. Ayesha consoles her and says that there are many people who shower him with love. She cheers up Yadhu. Holkar is crying sitting beside Niharika and Manav and Sakshi force him to rest. They send him to rest. Sakshi asks Manav what if Niharika doesn’t get conscious by today else she would be declared dead. Manav says they don’t have any other option other than trusting God that he won’t be so cruel with Holkar and Ayesha.

Vaibhav wakes up the next day and gets Khale’s message stating that he completed his work and sent a video. Vaibhav calls Khale and says him that he would soon transfer his money to the account and asks him to leave the country and settle abroad. He’s happy that his years of wait paid off. He comes out to find Akanksha performing her haldi ceremony. Suddenly her haldi colours turns blood and the ladies asks her to stop the wedding as something bad may happen. Akanksha furiously wipes off her haldi and asks them to get ready for the next ceremony.

Akanksha looks at her jewelleries when Babli comes there. She says that the lehenga looks pretty and Akanksha says that it’s Niharika’s lehenga. She says that she’s going to marry Niharika’s husband wearing Niharika’s lehenga and jewellery and wonders how would Niharika stop her now. Maid says that Pandit has complained that the wood is not burning. Akanksha brings perfume and pours it on the wood shocking Pandit. She then lights the fire and asks Pandit to perform the pooja. She hears Babli’s shout and rushes in to find the marriage lehenga burning and gets shocked.

Rane teases Vaibhav but Vaibhav is pissed off. Rane says that he did really great by burning the lehenga but Vaibhav says he didn’t burn anything. He thinks it’s technical team and praises them. He asks Rane to pay them extra as they do their job very well. He calls Manav and mocks him that whether he vacated the house. Manav says he’s in his house only to attend his wedding. Vaibhav rushes out and finds Manav and Holkar’s family present there. He mocks them for coming for food and leaves while Manav just laughs. He comes to Akanksha and asks why did she invite Manav for the wedding. Akanksha says that she wanted to show him that she moved on happily after getting away from that relationship.

Babli brings a bride and Vaibhav and Akanksha gets shocked seeing it. Akanksha asks who’s it and Babli says that she’s the bride. Akanksha asks what’s she blabbering as she’s the bride and asks who it is. The bride says that wearing Niharika’s jewellery and costume only Niharika can come. She reveals her face and Vaibhav goes speechless seeing Niharika. Akanksha thinks that she’s Niharika’s ghost and calls Vaibhav to proceed with the marriage but Niharika slaps her and confirms that she’s real Niharika. Vaibhav is still in shock. Manav is worried for Yadhu seeing Akanksha’s state and asks Ayesha to take Yadhu home but Ayesha says this is also her house and takes Yadhu to her room.

Holkar is worried about what’s happening inside and asks Manav to check but Manav says Niharika ji asked them to wait outside. Holkar asks Manav to honorifics while mentioning Niharika as unlike the rest of the world he’s someone who saved Niharika’s life. Akanksha is still not able to comprehend that Niharika is back and asks Vaibhav to throw her out of the house for slapping her but Vaibhav stands still.

Precap : Akanksha will say Niharika that she took long to return and asks Vaibhav to throw her out of the house. Vaibhav will pretend like he missed Niharika a lot and will hug her. Niharika will ask Vaibhav to throw Akanksha out of the house. Akanksha will be shocked when Vaibhav will ask her to leave the house only packing her things.

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