Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd March 2022 Written Update: Virat gets shifted to emergency room

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai hallucinating Virat inside the car but gets shocked after seeing him disappeared. At that time her car dashes into a jeep, while the guy comes out of his Jeep and scolds Sai. He takes her car keys and keeps taunting that a girl can’t drive. She apologises to him and ask to return her the keys. She tries to explain him about the emergency but he ask her to pay him for the damage. She sees some God’s devotees there and seeks their help. They surrounds the guy and was about to beat him for misbehaving with Sai, but latter apologises and gives the key back. Sai shows her gratitude towards them and starts her car to reach her destination.

Here, the doctor sees Virat’s health deteriorating. He orders the nurse to increase the dosage of medicine, while she reminds that it is already high. He scolds her stating that he knows and tells that they don’t have any other option. They increase the dose to maximum but still Virat shows no progression.

Mansi feels dizzy while Chavan’s ask her to rest. She denies to break her fast and says that she can do it for Virat. Ashwini’s health also gets affected badly, while Sonali forces her to take rest. She makes her sleep inside her room for a while and shares her concern towards Ashwini. They all prays for Virat, while Pulkit also comes there.

Elsewhere, Pulkit notify that he have contacted everyone but no one have that injection. Whereas, Ninad and others goes to the medical shops to get about the injection, but couldn’t able to find it. They learns that they can find it in outskirts of Pune, but they didn’t had enough time to go there.

Sai calculates the time and drives fastly. She reaches the godown but sees it close. She requests the guard to give her that specific injection, but he does allowed her inside the gate and ask to leave. She gets shattered and calls her friend. He notify her that the person who is owner of that place is not picking his call. She gets worried about Virat.

Ahead, Sai prays to god asking for help and decides to sneak inside the godown. She climbs the pipes in the backyard and starts going upwards. At that time a pipe falls down and the security gets alerted. She becomes scared and speed up her pace. The security finds her and runs behind to catch her.

Sai gets inside the room and locks it. She gets shocked seeing several containers of medicines and checks the time. She sees that she have less time to find the injection and started searching for it. Finally, she gets the vital injection while the guard also breaks the door to come inside the room. She runs away from there while he couldn’t able to catch him.

Further, Samrat shares his worry with Omkar while the doctor shifts Virat inside the emergency room as his condition gets worsen. He declares that they couldn’t able to save him, whereas Sai drives her car fast while police follows her. She determines to save Virat’s life but the police jeep stops her.

Precap:- The police stops Sai and ask her to come out of the car. She tries to explain them about the situation, but the Inspector ask female constables to arrest Sai and tells about putting her inside the jail. She says that her husband’s life is in danger and requests him to let her deliver the injection to the hospital. She promises to accept all the punishment and cries insisting him to believe her.

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