Gud Se Meetha Ishq 19th July 2022 Written Update: Neil asks Kajal to accompany him


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 19th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pari getting ready for her engagement and she is actually asking the parlour girls to hurry up as the people on the groom sides can come at any time. She was not even being stable at one place and continuously moving which is making it difficult for the parlour girls to make her ready for the event and finally they left saying if you are this dramatic and demanding then it is better that you get ready all by yourself. Pari tells them to leave as they are just waiting for the groom’s side to arrive.

Pari asks her cousin sister to get her ready and to do her makeup but she says that if I knew this then I would not call the parlour girls in the first place. Pari says that if Kajal was your she would have prepared me without any delay and I am missing her so much. Pari also said that I am not talking to her and she also didn’t come to me to say sorry for that incident because if she should have said sorry I would have forgiven her as well.

Now that she is not here I am having so much difficulty to get ready for my engagement but when she was there last time, she prepared me perfectly in a very short span of time without any problems. Neil is getting ready and changing in his room when Pavitra works into his room without knocking. Neil gates embarrassed and shy so he asked Pavitra why she walked into his room without even knocking at the door and making people aware.

Pavitra says that within a few days they are going to be husband and wife so they need to be transparent with each other and there is nothing to be ashamed about. Pavitra says that she is excited for the engagement of buddy and she has decided to present a dance performance for the same but he has to accompany her as well and she got costumes for Neil and other family members.

On the other side, Kajal is getting tensed and worried about Pari since the time of her engagement is coming near and Kajal is thinking that she is unable to do anything. She tried to open the door but realised that someone locked it from outside. She is also feeling dizzy due to having no food from last night and she is taking so much tension at the same time.

She was about to fall unconscious but Neel comes and holds her at the time. He says to Pari she has to get ready and accompany him to find evidence against Mathur since the engagement is scheduled for the evening. Kajal says to kneel that whenever I was in any trouble or problems, it was you and you always who came to my rescue and I cannot forget this ever.

Kajal says according to me you are just much more than a friend. Bhoomi tells Pari that she should get ready herself and she doesn’t need to take any help and she can do things without Kajal by her side. This made it so difficult for Pari and she took it on her ego to get ready all by herself by using makeup. Here Kajal gets ready in the costume given by Neil and Neil gets mesmerized seeing her.

Precap – Pari is made to be a joker and all are laughing together. Kajal collides with Pavitra.

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