Gud Se Meetha Ishq 7th July 2022 Written Update: Pari and Mathur marriage is fixed


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 7th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mathur saying to Pari that I have to make one extra room in my house so that Dev sir can come and stay with us. Dev gets offended and tells Pari to talk to Mathur and he leaves. Pari says she will not let him go anywhere and asks him if he will leave her. Dev says he will never leave her. Pari and Madhur are talking with each other in her room when he receives a phone call from a number and as soon as he sees the number his facial expression changes.

He makes an excuse to Pari saying there is something stuck to her hair and she goes in front of the mirror to check what is in her hair. Madhur receives a call and his wife asks why he locked her up inside a room. He says till the time your father was giving money to us I took care of you in a nice way. I cared for your happiness too but now he is no longer giving money to me so why will I worry about you ?

I am getting married to a mentally disabled girl again and to do that I have to eliminate you from my life and as soon as he says this, the lights of the house goes away in his home and his wife gets scared and she saw there are two goons with a knife in hand and it is evident why they are here for? She tells Madhur to leave her and tries to escape but all in vain.

Madhur cuts the call but Kajal listens to it all. She immediately comes down and Madhur tries to follow her but then he composed himself and says to Pari we should go down as without marriage talking in a room alone like this may not look good. Kajal decided to tell everything to me but as soon as she was going to approach him and tell him about all this Sonia came and sent away Neil to talk to pawitra and engaged Kajal for serving the juices to the guests.

She does it and realises no one is in the house to listen to her or believe her. Meanwhile, both the family members have fixed the alliance. Apart from Dev, no one is finding so much hurry from the groom’s side is odd and all of them are happy. Bhoomi thinks that finally Pari will be out of her life and soon she will get rid of Kajal too. Kajal is looking for Neil in the entire house so that she can have a word with him. Finally Kajal notices him outside of the house with Pavitra and she calls him saying she has something important to talk about.

Pavitra says to Kajal that if you have anything important to speak then say it infront of me. Without wasting any more time Kajal says to Neil that she has heard a phone call from Mathur and he is already married and he is here after locking his wife inside his house and all the innocence and good character that he is showing inside is just fake and nothing else. Pavitra and Neil are shocked to hear this.

Precap – Neil confronts and tries to expose Mathur infront of all.

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