Harphoul Mohini 14th June 2022 Written Update: Balwant challenges Harphoul


Harphoul Mohini 14th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Mohini goes to her father and asks him that what happened to him. He reveals that he lost his job. Mohini’s mother says that their family didn’t progress in life because of her husband’s silent nature. She adds that they have 4 daughters. Mohini tells her that every problem has a solution. And they can find a new job. Mohini’s father tells her that he won’t get new job at this age. He adds that they will lose this house if they failed to pay the remaining installments then. Mohini tells him that she will handle everything. He tells her that he won’t let her end up in trouble because of him.

In the Haryana, Balwant tells elders of the village that the land is not good enough for agriculture so if it’s used for highway then it will be benefited to village only. He adds that he will build play ground and shopping mall. Harphoul comes there and says that he won’t give his land. Meanwhile, Mohini gives her jewels to her father and asks him to sell them and save their house. But he refuses. He tells her that no one will marry her without jewels. She tells him that she won’t marry.

Balwant asks Harphoul’s friends to make Harphoul understand. He says that he will give 2 lakhs for Harphoul’s land. He adds that no one will buy this land except him. Harphoul gives a lecture about the importance of his land. Balwant tauntingly asks everyone to clap. He says that no one can tell that Harphoul is illiterate.

Mohini tells her father that she can take care of herself and she don’t need anyone. She says that after solving the house problem, she will buy jewels for her sisters marriage. He tells her that he won’t let her sacrifice again. He reminds her that she did nursing because they needed money for other daughter’s studies.

Balwant asks Harphoul to transfer the land on his name. But Harphoul refuses. Elder of the village asks Harphoul that what the latter will do with his land. Harphoul says that his wife and his child will get benefited from his land. Balwant laughs at him for thinking to marry. He challenges him to marry within a month if the latter failed then his land belongs to Panchayat. Harphoul accepts the challenge.

Mohini’s father tells Mohini that she has to marry the guy who is ready to marry her without taking jewels, then he will accept her jewels.

Shalini tells her husband that Mai has to find a girl for Harphoul within a month to save their land. Mai meets Balwant in his house. He tells her that he expected that she will come. Balwant’s wife greets Mai and asks her that if everything is fine. Balwant asks his wife to go inside and send tea for Mai. He asks Mai to find a girl for her illiterate son. Harphoul learns that Mai went to Balwant’s house.

Balwant tells Mai that she is his sister in law and she is like his mother. She asks him to forgive Harphoul and forget the challenge. He asks her to kneel down in front of her for that. She tells him that he won’t change and curses him. She says that she will make sure that Harphoul marries within a month. He breaks the coconut and one piece hits on Mai’s forehead. Harphoul comes there and gets worried seeing Mai’s forehead. He beat Balwant’s mens up.

Episode ends.

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