Harphoul Mohini 26th July 2022 Written Update: Balwant gets annoyed seeing Harphoul’s happiness


Harphoul Mohini 26th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Maai tells Mohini that everyone seeing the latter’s courage. She tells her family that she choosed the best girl for Harphoul. Harphoul’s friend praises Mohini. Mohini says that everyone did together. Maai tells her that the latter show this path to them. Mohini tells Harphoul that they are strong together and they just need to trust each other. Harphoul asks her to not fly too much. He is about to shake hand with her. But Maai stops him and asks him to praise Mohini then hand shake with her.

Harphoul says that he understood that mind also needed to lead a happy life. He asks Mohini to become her partner. She tells him that she will think about it and she shakes hand with him. Maai smiles seeing them. Mohini tells Harphoul that this is just first step. Village people chants Harphoul and Mohini’s name. Shalini tells Santok tells Mohini did nothing big that everyone praising her like this. Balwant gets pissed off seeing the breaking news.

Vijayan calls Mohini and tells her that he is so proud of her. Shyamala congratulates Harphoul. Mohini’s sister tells Mohini that she want to see Harphoul also in the television. Maai tells her husband that Mohini won against Balwant once again. She says that now she is sure that she will get justice for her husband’s death.

Journalist asks Balwant that who tried to destroy the toilet of Harphoul’s house. Mohini tries to fix the toilet door. Harphoul tells her that she is doing wrong. He helps her to fix the toilet door. Journalists shows that in live telecast. Mohini’s parents and Mohini’s sisters gets happy seeing that in their television. Mohini tells Harphoul that they fixed this together. Harphoul tells her that they are partners now.

Sarpanch says that Balwant wanted everyone to build toilet in their village. Balwant says that he witnessed that how his mother sufffered without toilet. And that day he decided that he will make sure that everyone use their house toilet. Village lady thinks that Balwant said something else few minutes back. Balwant says that he brought his village people to show Harphoul’s house toilet so everyone can get inspired seeing that and build toilet in their house too. Shalini thinks that no one can beat Balwant in this.

Harphoul and Santok gets angry hearing Balwant. Maai dances in front of Balwant to annoy him. Harphoul and others gets happy seeing Maai. Everyone joins her. Maai hallucinates her husband and she gets emotional. Harphoul dances around Balwant to annoy him. He drags Mohini to dance. Balwant leaves from there. Maai thinks that her husband must be happy today.

Balwant blackens his guys face. He says that Mohini won once again. He adds that his next attack will be dangerous. Shalini washes the utensils. She tells herself that she only does household chores in this house. Balwant calls Shalini. Mohini takes Shalini’s phone.

Episode ends.

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