Swaran Ghar 26th July 2022 Written Update: Swaran’s misery increases


Swaran Ghar 26th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Today’s episode starts with Swaran telling the local preist that she urgently needs a job. The priest assures her that he will look into the matter. Ajit mails Swaran’s biodata to job recruiters. Gulabo asks for money from Swaran for installing water tap recently. Swaran says that she will pay all her dues once she gets a job. Swaran asks her if she knows about any work. Gulabo asks if Swaran can cook. Swaran says yes. Gulabo tells her that Mrs. Gupta urgently needs a cook for a function. She calls Mrs. Gupta and gives Swaran the job. She says that Swaran will get 2000 rupees salary but she needs 300 rupees share from it. Swaran happily agrees for it.

Gulabo asks Swaran not to be late at work. Swaran asks her to message the address to her. Some ladies arrive at Arjun’s radio station and tells him that they have saved Arjun’s life. Arjun realises that all of them are fraud and asks them to leave. He tells Mallika that the lady who saved him was special, he can easily recognise her if she comes infront of him. Swaran plans to go to her workplace on foot as she doesn’t have money to take auto or bus. She tells Bebe that she got a job. She further lies to her that she will give tution to 3 students. Vikram and Kiran’s car pass by Swaran but they fail to see Swaran. Mrs. Gupta calls and asks Swaran about her whereabouts. Swaran says that she is on the way. She asks Swaran to hurry. Swaran starts running to cover the distance soon.

Ajit wishes to help Swaran but does not want to cross his limits. He thinks that he should never do something which may make him lose Swaran’s friendship. He prays to God and asks him to help Swaran. Swaran reaches Mrs. Gupta’s house and introduces herself. Mrs. Gupta scolds Swaran for referring her as Mrs. Gupta. She asks Swaran to remove her shoes outside. Swaran recalls past memories and gets emotional. Ajit feels ashamed as he is unable to keep the promise he made to Kanwaljeet. He tells that Swaran is not weak anymore and he will never abandon her. Mrs. Gupta tells Swaran what to cook and asks her to be gentle with the utensils as they are very expensive. She adds that there are CCTV cameras all around and she will check her before she leaves.

Swaran takes out the utensils out of cupboard very carefully. A ball hits some of the untensils, they fall on the floor and break into pieces. Mrs. Gupta’s son tells sorry to Swaran. Mrs. Gupta comes there and lashes out at Swaran. Her son tries to defend Swaran but she doesn’t let him talk and sends him inside. She orders Swaran to clean and mess and leave her house immediately. A lady suggest Mrs. Gupta to make Swaran work hard and kick her out without paying. Swaran cuts her finger and injures her foot while cleaning the mess. She feels helpless. Mrs. Gupta comes and asks Swaran not to leave without cooking. Swaran feels relieved and gets up with her injured leg. She starts cooking. The episode ends.

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