Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 14th April 2024 Written Update: Ranjha gets saved from Jarnail’s plan

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The episode starts with Yashika and Heer together when Jarnail calls Heer and asks if she has reached Atwal mansion. She tells that she has come there to help him and asks him to pay her well for the same. Jarnail agrees to give her a ransom amount . Heer questions what she has to do for the plan but Jarnail tells her that she will be informed later about it. Heer tells Yashika that they need to keep Ranjha safe from Jarnail and also get clue about Rajwinder being the one who has been helping Jarnail.

Yashika and Heer search Rajwinder’s room to find some clue while Rajwinder tells Sartaj that she wants his signs on papers to donate some property to the orphanage which is on way of their factory. While Sartaj is about to sign, Yashika comes there and tells him not to sign the papers. She shows the paper with lots of fake signature of Sartaj. She says she has got the paper from Rajwinder’s room. Heer points that the person who wanted to get his signature has realized that they cannot copy it so she has come to him directly.

Sartaj again goes through the property papers and says if Rajwinder is transferring all the property to Sunny and Simrit’s name. She starts acting emotionally and says whatever she has been doing is for well being of the kids. Rajwinder tells that she has lost two sons but now she has to think about Simrit and Sunny’s future. Ranjha questions her why she is doubting his intentions. Rajwinder keeps acting and says she is only thinking about her grandkids. Sartaj tells that she is lying as she never wanted Ranjha to get share in the property.

Sartaj scolds Rajwinder for not changing and not accepting Ranjha by her heart. The latter keeps continuing her drama and says she has not done anything wrong by thinking about Sunny and Simrit. Ranjha tells Sartaj to sign the papers if Rajwinder wants so. Navjot stops Ranjha and tells him to atleast think about Heer. Ranjha tells he will fulfill all her wishes with his capability. However Sartaj ends up tearing off the property papers saying that the property will be divided equally amongst his children. Heer tells Yashika that Ranjha is so pure hearted. They think if Rajwinder is not helping Jarnail who can the person be.

Heer gets a message which shocks her. Lated she receives some parcel sent by Jarnail. He informs her that she needs to use the deodorant to make his plan successful. He asks her to spray it on plants and she realises it’s actually chemical. Jarnail orders her to change deodorant with chemical bottle in Ranjha’s wardrobe. Jarnail gets angry seeing Heer mixing the bottles and Ranjha being safe. Jarnail sends her the video of same and says her that she is under his insight. The episode ends with Sunny and Simrit telling family members that Teji always leaves them alone and goes somewhere. Jarnail tells Heer about next task.

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