Pushpa Impossible 13th April 2024 Written Update: Swara’s adoption ends in jeopardy

Pushpa Impossible 13th April 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Dilip seeing in the news that Santosh has gone to jail. Dilip thinks Santosh might have gone to jail but until he takes his revenge this case will not be closed.

Juggal and Pushpa convince Pakiya not to kill Bapodara and sends him away. Pushpa takes the gun from Pakiya and hides it.

Pushpa asks Saran if she can send Rashi to him as adoption centre people came to her house. Saran agrees.

Pushpa comes and says to Rashi that Saran is looking for her. Rashi agrees and leaves from there.

The adoption centre people question Swara about how she goes to school. The adoption centre people also question Pushpa. The Chawl people praise Pushpa and says Swara will be safe here to the adoption centre people.

The women association people ask Rukmani why are they waiting here. Rukmani ask the women association people to wait and says they will know in a while.

Rashi says to Saran that she knows Pushpa sent her here so that she will not slip her tongue infront of the adoption centre people. Saran says that is not the only reason and talks to Rashi about her character and praises her.

The adoption people after questioning Pushpa’s family say they will tell their decision later and are about to leave but A gun falls out of Pushpa’s saree. Pushpa says this is not her gun but this gun belongs to Pakiya. Pushpa tells the adoption centre people what happened. The adoption centre people say that even if she told the truth they have to think about Swara’s adoption seriously as them finding a gun in her house is not a small matter. Pushpa tries to convince the adoption centre people to allow them to adopt Swara but they say that they have to think about Swara’s decision seriously.

Dilip sees in the news about Santosh being captured by the cops. Dilip recalls how he faked his death using Prakash by putting his accessories on his body. Dilip drags his body out of the fire.

A old guy sees Dilip unconscious and takes him to his home and treats him as Dilip pleads the old guy not to take him to the hospital.

Dilip says to the old guy that the court might have punished Santosh but he will not stop until he punishes Santosh.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Pushpa says to Jansheel Basti People that they can’t law into their hands.

Jansheel Basti people stop Bapodara’s car and beat him up.

Prarthna blames Pushpa for Bapodara’s condition.

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