Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 14th April 2024 Written Update: Ketki and Ajeet meets Radhika

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 14th April 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dadi asks Lord Krishna that whether Radhika end up in trouble by marrying Yug. She asks him to give signal so she could save Radhika. Mohan comes there and asks Lord Krishna that what’s happening in his life. He says that he is trying to manage family and business but he failed. And says that he is missing Radha so much. He tells Lord Krishna that the latter saw what Gungun did today and says he is not able to handle Gungun without Radha. He adds that old Gungun is missing because Radha left them. He requests Lord Krishna to bring Radha in his life for Gungun’s sake.

On the other hand, Radhika reaches Manan’s school. She murmurs that Manan would have scored well like always but she is scared about his English score. Ketki and Ajeet also comes there. Ajeet tells Ketki that teacher will give lecture to them because of Sargam’s score. Ketki tells him that she is scared. They goes inside.

Yug says that he is not understanding what he should do because Dadi will go to Radhika for sure. He thinks that Radhika told him to seek Lord Krishna’s help when he is in confusion. He decides to go to Lord Krishna temple. He calls Dadi. But Dadi disconnects Yug’s call. She asks Lord Krishna to save Radhika from Yug and past.

Radhika appreciates Manan for scoring well. Sargam comes there and tells Manan that she passed all the subjects. Manan tells her that he got A+ in all the subjects except English. Radhika asks Sargam that why the latter looks sad. Sargam tells Radhika that she got C. Radhika tells Sargam that she is sure the latter scored better than last time. She appreciates Sargam and calls her as Salgam. Sargam tells Radhika that the latter is like her uncle.

Ketki tells Ajeet that they should convince Mohan to teach Sargam. She says that Mohan always came first so she is sure Sargam will come first too. Radhika asks Sargam about the latter’s parents. She turns around and gets shocked seeing Ketki and Ajeet. Sargam and Manan runs from there. Ajeet gets happy seeing Radha. He asks her where she went. He tells her that she is changed and hugs her. He cries. Ketki drags Ajeet. Ajeet tells Ketki that they found Radha. Radhika tells them that she is Radhika and Radha died many years back.

In the temple, Mohan sees Dadi and calls her. Dadi gets shocked seeing Mohan there. He asks her that how is she now. He tells her to say where is Radha. He says that he and Gungun need Radha. Dadi slaps him. She tells him that she never saw a selfish person like him. She reminds him that what wrong he did with Radha. She says that Trivedis treated Radha like maid and Radha realised that, that’s why Radha left. She reveals that Radha is happy now and Radha is living like a queen. She adds that she know Radha will be happy until Mohan enters Radha’s life.

Episode ends.

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