Imlie 10th May 2021 Written Update: Aditya and Malini refuse to go on a honeymoon


Imlie 10th May 2021 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditya and Nishant coming back to house. Pankaj asks Aditya why you went to meet Imlie? Did Malini tell you? Aditya says no she didn’t tell me. He says its his personal life why everyone is interfering in it. He didn’t commit a crime by dropping Imlie home.

Nishant tells Aditya do you have any idea what Anu has told us. She caught you and Imlie together. Aparna tells Aditya what’s the matter why are you doing so much Imlie? Aditya adds I am doing very less for Imlie compared to what she deserves to get. Aparna asks we are trying hard to make you understand that you should focus on Malini and you should spend some time together but when you two sleep separately like that how will it happen. Aditya says you all even checked our bedroom?

Aparna shouts saying Sundar found extra mattress in your room. Aditya opposes Tripathis saying Meethi expects a lot from him. She fought for her daughter and gave me responsiblity to give Imlie a better life if you all experienced it you wouldn’t have sent lmlie to Chaturvedi house. Aditya further says Malini and I find a solution together. Aparna gets a feeling a that Aditya and Malini will take a wrong decision.

Aditya asks Malini why she lied to family that she told Aditya to drop Imlie. Malini says that time to stop Anu she felt that was the right thing to do. Aditya says what people think of us we cant take responsibility of that. Why don’t you talk to your mother for making every small thing a big issue. Malini says parents worry for their children. Its not bad but if Imlie told the truth to mom she wouldn’t have reacted that way. You also didn’t meet mom. But you wont blame Imlie, I am sorry for that. Aditya says stop dragging Imlie between us all the time. Malini replies she didn’t bring Imlie between them. Aditya gets shocked.

Imlie looks for Aditya in college. She thinks its better if Malini and Aditya spend some time together alone. Tripathis ask Malini and Aditya to pack their bags to go on honeymoon. Aditya and Malini tell them they can’t go as they have workload on them. Aditya tells Nishant to get refund of the tickets. Aditya says don’t force us. Aparna says their last hope also is gone.

Imlie gets to know a student has leukemia. Imlie’s classmates collect money for that student’s treatment. She recalls Nishant told about the same disease. Imlie asks what kind of disease is this? She gets shocked knowing its blood cancer. She thinks students are again attempting to rag her. She asks the teacher and gets the same answer. Imlie thinks means Nishant is hiding about his disease from the family. Imlie decides to tell Tripathis about that.

Aparna cuts veggies and thinks their doubt can be right, Imlie might be the reason of Malini and Aditya’s differences. Imlie comes to Tripathi house and Rupy gets happy seeing her. She hugs her. Imlie hugs Aparna. Aparna says to Imlie why you didn’t inform Chaturvedis’ before coming here. She lives there now and she should take permission from them. Imlie says she wants to meet Nishant to talk about some urgent matter.

Radha says tell us first what do you want to talk about? Rupy tells Aparna why are you behaving this way? Its Imlie’s house as well why she has to inform before coming here. Imlie syas it’s fine. She further says can I wait for Nishant to come? Aparna tells Imlie she should be in college and right now she should leave. Imlie gets disheartened and says she is happy in Chaturvedi house and leaves the house upset.

Precap- Imlie shuts Anu and stands by Meethi.

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