Imlie 13th March 2023 Written Update: Imlie and Arto start a new beginning


Imlie 13th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arto and Imlie going towards Mandap happily. They exchange garlands and smile at each other. Imlie holds his hand and they start taking pheras around the holy fire. They take vows of loyalty, togetherness, respect, friendship, sharing pain and happiness with each other, equality and fighting all odds together. Chini gets jealous hearing all of that and says she will destroy Imlie’s happiness else she will stop calling herself as different. Imlie tells Chini that the latter is finally arrested and for Chini the marriage is just a drama. But today her reunion with Arto will make things right. Arto apologises to Rupy for getting Chini arrested as she seriously troubled them today. Rupy says thats his greatness so he is apologising. Sundar congratulates both Imlie and Arto. Chini before leaves thinks even in jail nobody can stop her from planning against Imlie.

Arto holds Imlie’s hand in car while driving. He flirts with her saying he will hold it more tightly and he stops the car near signal. One transgender asks for money from them. She reads Imlie’s palm and says the latter’s future is complicated and she should choose path mindfully else she might get separated from Arto. Arto says he will go after Imlie where she will go. Arto and Imlie get welcomed in the Rana House, Kia tells Akash that Imlie is smarter than Chini that’s why she sent her to jail. They need to be careful. Akash worries for the fifty lakhs he spent behind Kia. Rudra calls Manish and Akash and question them why they didn’t find out about the person behind the fraud yet. Drivers called for a strike as they didn’t get their salary yet. Their transport work will face issues. He tells Akash and Manish to do something. Arto’s siblings tease him about where he will take Imlie for their honeymoon.

Imlie feels shy and she says if they can go all together. Arto says as she wishes. Finally Arto’s younger brother says they can go for picnic. Rudra says he and Akash won’t go. Akash gets scared thinking Rudra will scold him if he stays back. He insists Rudra to go with family. Arto decides the destination of picnic that’s Pagdandiya. Imlie goes to room and feels awkward seeing Arto is making the bed. He says he is feeling awkward as well. He says he learned many things from her and he loved the vows which they took for each other. He says at first he wants to give all his time to Imlie. If she is okay with it. She says he is overreacting bit extra. She also shares how she used to feel hesitant at initial times for everything. She was afraid to share her desires, choices etc. But now that she is his wife she wants to know him properly. They hold each other’s hands and go to sleep. She smiles thinking their relationship should be protected always like this.

Precap- Dhairya asks Imlie why she snatched his position without any experience. She says women can work in transport as well and she will prove that to him very soon. She is strong as she is Imliya’s daughter Imlie. He accepts the challenge.

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