Imlie 13th October 2021 Written Update: Malini plots against Imlie


Imlie 13th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Rupali giving medicine to Harsh. The committee member asks him how will he arrange for Pooja with soo much of pain. Aparna says for nine days Durga Maa Archana and Pooja, bringing thr idol is not a small thing. Harsh says it not him then someone else will do the work. He says Aparna and Radha will set up the Pooja. Nishant says he can do how much he can. Harsh says it’s not good to burden Malini. They then see Imlie bringing the snacks on both her hands and on her head. She keeps them on the table. Harsh says that Imlie will look after the nine days function. Committee member asks he is giving the chance to a child. Malini says his concern is right. The committee member saya that she may not have that maturity.

Adithya supports Imlie. He says she has fought with many and has won as well. He says there is no one in the house whom she didn’t help. Malini decides to show him she is just a nineteen year old. The committee member saya that if they are asking soo much then hr will give a chance to her. The first work is to bring the Idol and decorate then she will get to do it for nine days. The committee member saya he will see whether she will be able to do it. Harsh asks her not to break his trust. Malini thinks that one mistake will lead to her being out and she has to do that one mistake.

Meethi is doing the Aarti when Dev comes to her. He says after a long time the Temple has been lightened. He asks her to do the Pooja and he will give her coffee. Anu says what happened to her. He says she is doing Pooja. Anu goes closer to which Meethi asks her to remove her chappal. Anu shouts at her. She gets hurt. Dev asks her to atleast respect the God.

Imlie brings the Goddess Durga home grandly. Harsh says that he has told she will definitely bring. Malini says like everytime, this time too Goddess Durga Idol has come. Imlie says she wants to do something different. The band comes and Imlie dancing welcomes the Goddess into the house. Everyone dances with her. Adithya dances with Imlie whoch makes Malini go between them. Imlie takes Malini to a side amd aaks her not to do such things. She asks her not to come between her and Adithya. Adithya comes there and asks what they are doing. He supports Imlie when Malini saya she is not letting her dance. Nani drags Adithya and he drags Imlie with him. They both dance with each other. Malini thinks that she has to do one mistake.

Tripathis set the Goddess idol in the house. Aparna asks for ninth Idol. Rupali asks Imlie the same when Sundar says he has brough every Idol. They wonder where it is. Harsh says they paid for nine idols. He says there were nine Idols in the truck. Imlie asks Sundar whether he has left it there itself. On the other side Malini is taking sometimes to which Imlie asks her ro stop. The Screen Freezes On Imlie.

Precap: Malini keeps the idol in her room. Aparna knocks on the door asking her to open it. Malini asks for two minutes. Aparna opens the door. The Screen Freezes On Aparna.

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