Imlie 19th March 2021 Written Update: Malini is devastated seeing their wedding photo caught fire


Imlie 19th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aparna missing Imlie. She also imagines Aditya and Malini together. She says to her husband that she is feeling scared for Aditya Imlie and Malini. She feels something is wrong. He says trust your upbringing. Everyone will return back very soon. You have done your duty well.

Meethi praises Aditya. Nakli naani taunts Meethi saying Aditya doesnt love Imlie at all. They are only acting. The Diya will be blown off. Meethi says every wrong thing happened to Imlie is because of you. You tried to stop her every time. But now she has everyone’s support. So stay away from me. Nakli naani gets angry.

Imlie tells Aditya to go back and sleep. Aditya says you want to play with Prakash then? Imlie says I’ll take care of it. Aditya says priest said husband should be here to take care of the dia. He says this mannat and God’s blessings cant save someone. Imlie says we cant think everything logically.

Trust and believe are everything. I believe this diya will protect you from every danger. You too called me your wife but I didn’t want my right from you as I know logic doesn’t matter akways. Aditya thinks why Imlie’s words affect her deeply. He asks I have told you dont expect anything from me then why you think our relationship is true. Imlie says I dont want anything from you. I want you take care of your family like before. She tells Aditya to be careful about the diya. She goes to take water.

Nakli naani notices them and pushes it so that it falls down to trouble Imlie. Aditya thinks these are all meaningless. Nothing has changed. I should not overthink about Imlie. Seeing the diya on ground he tries to pick it up. His hand gets burned. Imlie notices nakli naani and runs to see Aditya. She gets shocked seeing Aditya is holding the diya on his hand. She says please keep it aside. Aditya doesnt do it. Imlie thinks why is Babusaheb bearing so much pain for me?

Malini Aditya’s wedding photo catches fire. Malini gets restless and tries to extinguish the fire. Anu and Dev mom come to stop her saying have you gone mad? Malini says i was doing it right? Why did you interfere? Anu says stay quiet. Now I cant keep calm seeing you crying like this. Dev mom says to Malini that relationship cant be exchanged. Its precious. She consoles her.

Imlie gives Aditya something so that he can keep the diya on it. She applies jaributi on Aditya’s hand and doesnt release her hand. Imlie tells him leave Pagdandiya

Nakli naani gets shocked seeing lots of diyas on ground. She screams. Imlie scolds her saying because of you Bahusaheb got hurt. Now bear the consequences. Naani says i know your marriage is fake. Aditya tells Imlie that she shouldn’t have done this to naani. Meethi says Imlie Diya didnt blow off for a long time means their relationship will be safe always. Imlie happily looks at Aditya.

Precap- Nakli naani taunts Imlie saying i knew you were lying as Aditya told you to marry Prakash. Imlie stays quiet. Aditya comes and says Imlie is his wife and he needs her.