Pandya Store 19th March 2021 Written Update: Janardhan threatens Gautam

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 19th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev asking Gautam why they have come here. Gautam says that Janardhan called him for some work and they can also give his wedding card. Dev tries to tell him the truth, but he leaves without listening to him. Dev wonders how to clear this confusion.

Raavi, Prafula and Jagat come to Suman’s house. Raavi happily dance and calls out Dhara di. Shiva shouts asking to open the door. Ravi opens the door and hugs him. Shiva throws Raavi out of the house and warns her not to come here before the marriage. Prafula scolds Raavi. Jagat says that they have to come back taking the haldi. Raavi gets excited. Prafula says that she will not come back here else Shiva will trouble her.

Dev gets shocked on seeing goons beating a man in Janardhan house. He asks why they deal with such people. Gautam says that e’s the only seller of goods in this city, so they don’t have any other way. Dev asks if they will also get beaten, if they don’t agree with him. Gautam says that he will not that happen, he knows to deal him and moreover he respects his dad, so he will also respect them.

Shiva recalls all the past incidents. He gets Kaka’s call. He asks to bring some receipt. He thinks that Dev did wrong, he became selfish and forgot about their parents insults. Other hand Janardhan congratulates Dev for his marriage. Dev says that they’re getting late. Janardhan enquires about Dev’s study and all. He asks Dev to wait outside, since he has to talk with Gautam in private. Dev nods and leaves.

Haldi’s preparations are on in full swing. Shiva angrily comes back home and searches for the receipt. Dhara gives the receipt and tries to calm him down. She says that Dev and Raavi love each other. Shiva angrily asks how he can do like that. Raavi comes there and gives lecture about love to Shiva. She hugs Dhara and thanks her. She takes Dhara aside and asks which one will be her room, she has to bring decor for her room. Shiva mockes her and they argue. Dhara is called so she leaves asking Shiva to talk with respect to Raavi since she’s his would be sister-in-law.

Janardhan warns Gautam not to buy goods from outside. Raavi applies haldi on Shiva’s face saying she will start her haldi’s celebration with him. Shiva also applies haldi on her and they argue again. Raavi asks Dhara again for her room. Dhara says that there are only two rooms here, one for Suman and another for her and Gautam. She asks her to take her room. Raavi asks then where she will sleep. She asks her not to worry about it. Shiva asks whether she will sleep in the storeroom. Dhara says it’s between sister-in-law and asks not to say anything. Shiva is checking the receipts. Raavi turns on the fan. all the receipts flies.

Raavi helps him to collect the receipts. They get into an arguement again and Shiva twists her hand. Dhara asks him to leave her and scolds Shiva. She asks him to treat her with respect as the relations are changing. Raavi challenges that she will make him respect her and leaves. Shiva says that Raavi got Prafula’s upbring and she will break this house. Dhara says that it’s his hatred for Raavi is making him speak like this and adds that he should learn to respect Raavi.

Rishita hugs Dev and says that she knows that he will come with his brother to talk about their marriage. Dev tells her that they have come to talk business. Dev says that they needs to meet. She says that she will meet him after one hour. Gautam notices them standing holding hands and gets shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raavi’s haldi ceremony is going on. Rishita hugs Dev. Janardhan spots them. Janardhan reveals about Dev’s marriage to Rishita.