Imlie 1st August 2022 Written Update: Imlie begs for salary from her boss


Imlie 1st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan eating food and Chini says why is he eating without her? He says if she wants she can eat too. He asks about the reporter to which she says the reporter is waiting for him in her house. He asks why is she waiting. She can come here to meet him as well.

Chini praises Imlie mentioning the things she does for her and for the village people. She cares a lot for everyone. He asks if the reporter is her mother. Chini replies she is like her mother and father both. Imlie looks at the children outside who are playing with toys. She thinks she will buy a toy for Chini too. She goes to take money but she says it’s not enough.

Imlie breaks her piggy bank and sees its still not enough to buy a toy for Chini. She gets emotional and says her poor status has defeated her today and she can’t even buy a toy for her daughter. What will she tell Chini now? She decides to ask for her salary from her boss.

She calls Kamal and asks if he can give her atleast half month of salary as she is finding it tough to bear the expenses. Kamal says she will get it but for that she has to deal with the person who came here from Bhaskar Times. She has to sort things with him otherwise their news channel will be destroyed. Imlie tries to convince him but in vain.

Anu tells Malini that if she marries Aryan then she will be able to stop Imlie from coming back to his life forever. Malini says she has no interest in Aryan and for her Aditya is one and only person she loves. He couldn’t fulfil his promise but she will always love him.

She says Preeta can also get married to Aryan and Imlie can’t get back to him after that. She says she will also stop that kid from distracting Aryan. Malini calls a person who is searching for a job in Bhaskar Times. She sends him Chini’s photo and tells him to kidnap her if he wants job. He agrees and she cuts the call.

Chini goes to get a toy for herself from a shop. The seller tells her to leave and calls her as bad omen and treats her as she is untouchable. Chini says she is not and she tries to take one Sita Maiya idol but people out there keep on insulting her saying noone will accept her as father also left her. Chini says Imlie will teach them a lesson. They push her away and Aryan holds her. She cries.

Meethi comes to Imlie and gives her money saying she can now a buy a toy for Chini. Imlie asks the about the source of the money. Meethi lies that her all toys were sold but Imlie sees that Meethi broke all her savings and gave her the money. Imlie says she can’t take her savings as it for her future. Meethi says if Imlie can send her money every month when she was in Delhi then why cant her mother now help her by giving money in crisis?

Imlie feels worthless as she couldnt create a name for herself in city and couldn’t even give her family a better lifestyle which she thought she will do. She couldn’t save Cheeku and lost Aryan too. Aryan recalls Imlie’s words and he scolds the villagers for mistreating a kid. He says if Sita Maiya doesn’t differentiate between her followers then who are they to do so? He says he is also a business man and he knows money can do everything. He buys the whole shop from the seller by giving him note bundles.

The seller feels greedy and Aryan says if he repeats this mistake next time then he will buy the whole village and will build a shopping mall here. He will have right on every single thing here. Later He takes the Sita Maiya idol but then sees Chini is missing. Imlie says to Meethi she will fight and she will meet the person from Bhaskar Times to solve the matter.

Precap- Aryan challenges Imlie that she can’t win over him. She is playing with the fire. Imlie says this time she won’t apologise to him and she has fire inside her. Aryan says he won’t leave without getting her apology.

The episode starts with Chini searching for food and Aryan says if she is
lost again. Chini says there’s no food left to which he says she can take money
from his wallet and bring food for herself. Chini says he can eat the laddoo
she brought for him. Aryan tells her to open the blindfold but she says he
needs his mouth to eat the laddoo not eyes. Malini video calls Aryan and he
tells Chini to pick the call.

Chini receives it Malini gets flashes of her daughter. She thinks Aryan’s
phone got stolen by a thief. She calls Aryan and the latter tells her to relax
saying Chini didn’t steal anything. Malini tells him to come back immediately
as Narmada’s health is worsening. Arpita scolds Malini that what would Aryan do
by coming hurriedly. It doesn’t make sense. Aryan asks for Sundar and tells him
to take care of Narmada.

He panics and asks Chini to open his blindfold and untie his hands. Chini
opens his blindfold but struggles to untie the rope. Malini says he can’t waste
time there but he should be here with his mother. Chini tells about a home
remedy and calls Malini as unsmart. Arpita listens to her despite Malini’s

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