Imlie 21st March 2022 Written Update: Imlie and Aryan’s confrontations


Imlie 21st March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie asking Aryan why the latter gave her which she never asked for. He betrayed her and broke her trust. Aryan pulls her close saying why she feels he can cheat her and can use her. He tells her to see the truth in his eyes. She can’t find any cheating. She says in intoxicated state that she can only find that he broke her trust. He says he respects himself so he won’t explain himself to her anymore.

Though they both are similar and they care for their families a lot but she respects others before than herself. Imlie asks him to tell the truth why he is doing all these. Is there any valid reason. She will believe in him. Aryan says he doesn’t care what she feels. She says again he confused her with his pending words. How will she be able to understand him.

She pushes him away and he screams out of pain. She touches his back and then tears his sando gensy. She sees many wound mark and she gets shocked. She then applies turmeric on him and says she will go mad hearing his secrets one day. She is like a open book to him but he never shares with her anything. He smiles and then tells her that she already applied color on him and now its his turn. Imlie says she won’t let him do so. He colors himself first and then he calls Imlie. He holds her hands when she tries to escape but then he pulls her closer and touches his cheek with her cheek to color her. She becomes speechless

Harish keeps on eating ghujias and Pankaj tells him to stop. Harish says it’s very tasty. Narmada thanks them for all the preparations. Tripathis and Arpita talk about lantern lamps and that they can pray for their lovers using those. Sundar comes and says he wants to do that too.

Arpita says she had no idea he has a girlfriend. He is about to take Arpita’s name but stops. Badi Ma gets irked and plans again to separate Aryan and Imlie. She instructs Gudiya. During Mehendi Gudiya taunts Imlie and Meethi which angers Arpita. Imlie and Aryan attend the function and Narmada compliments Imlie. Meethi gets emotional seeing Imlie and says she will apply mehendi on the latter’s hand today. The color will be so deep.

Precap- Aryan asks Imlie why she applied mehedi on her hands. She says she did something else.

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