Imlie 22nd January 2023 Written Update: Rana’s and Rathods play chit secret game on the occasion of Lohri


Imlie 22nd January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arto applying colour on Imlie’s face and the latter also decides to colour Ginni’s face. Arto holds her tightly and Imlie applies colour. Ginni goes to clean her face and there Arto tells Imlie about the vermilion on her forehead. Imlie looks into the mirror and gets shocked. She says she doesn’t like to repeat past mistakes so she will remove it. Some marks are not easily removable but it takes time to get rid of it. Arto gets offended and there Chini tells Anu that she will teach Imlie a lesson. Rupy packs her clothes to go to a hotel. Arpita and Sundar ask her to stop but the latter says as long as Chini will stay here, she will keep planning against Imlie and that’s the reason why Rathods should stay in a hotel.

Devika and Rudra come to them and ask Rupy not to feel restless because it’s a family wedding and they will help each other to make all the arrangements. Devika says also its first Lohri of Imlie and her family should be here to celebrate it with her. Rupy thinks she can’t tell about Chini’s deeds and it might affect Imlie’s married life. She agrees to stay back, next day on Lohri Imlie tells Devika that everything is set for the puja. Chini suggests everyone to play a game called chit secret.

Kia asks Chini why she didn’t take permission from Imlie. Chini then explains the game rules that how everyone will pass on the chits to one another listening to the music and tasks will be written on them. Music will stop and the person holding the chit will complete the task. Anu says she will check if anyone is cheating. She plays the music and at first Rudra gets the chit, he is asked to sing a romantic song and then dance with Devika. Devika makes excuse of work but everyone tells them to dance. Rudra sings a song and dances with her. Later Rudra gets the chit which says he has to kiss the person whom he loves the most. He also makes excuse of work but Ginni asks him to complete the task.

Chini thinks Arto should choose her and prove it to all that he still loves her. Imlie gets nervous thinking why he is looking her. Chini closes her eyes and Arto hugs Devika at last. He says he cant love anyone else except her. He kisses her cheek, Imlie feels thank God. Later Imlie’s turn comes and she reads the chit where Chini wrote she still loves Arto and she wants to talk to her about it.

Imlie is shocked to see that. She leaves with Chini. Chini says she couldn’t forget Arto as she has true feelings for him, lmlie replies she knows her nature, how money minded she is. Chini says she could have married Abhishek who is ten times richer than Arto but she didn’t do so because true love never dies. Imlie says she cant see Arto moving on in his life so she is saying this. She says Arto also loves her the same, she sent him text and he came to see her immediately. He showed concern for her at late night. He must have shared these with Imlie. Imlie says she has no idea. Chini says it means Arto couldn’t share his hidden feelings with his friend.

There Rana’s wonder why the sisters left the game? Rupy thinks now what Chini must be planning. Arto thinks Chini can reveal about the texts to Imlie, Imlie should not misunderstand him as he tried telling her truth many times. She didn’t let him speak, but if Chini is provoking her the she should not lose faith in him. Chini says Imlie doesn’t love her sister like before so she is unable to trust her. She repeats the same thing that Arto loves her only and gave her importance. Imlie looks upset.

Episode ends

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