Imlie 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Arto gets confused about his feelings for Chini

Imlie 2nd February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie stopping Abhishek saying she wants to tell him something urgently and she is waiting for the moment for long. Chini goes to Arto and says she knows he will tell her he missed her. Arto says he doesn’t feel the same way for her. He didn’t miss her. Imlie asks Abhishek that doesn’t he think that Chini is different than him. Abhishek says puzzles complete each other and he doesn’t want to leave Chini just because she is different. He asks Imlie that she also loves Arto but did she leave him for his one mistake? Abhishek leaves saying he doesn’t want to leave Chini.

Chini back hugs Arto saying this is not possible as he only loves his hookline. Arto removes her hand saying he doesn’t think he loves her anymore. Imlie there feels hope Abhishek gets courage to deal with Chini’s betrayal. Chini says when she touches Arto doesn’t he feel anything? Arto gets confused and decides to discuss with Imlie about his feelings. Imlie also thinks she needs to talk to Arto to know if he told something to Chini yet. Arto feels he can’t involve Imlie in his matter again as she told him already he has to take his life decision on his own. He and Imlie come face to face but don’t reveal anything to each other.

Chini asks Arto if he told anyone about their relationship. He says he is still confused so why would he tell anyone else about their relationship. Chini tries to slit her wrist to blackmail Arto. He scolds her for the stupidity and she says he is concerned for her and that’s love. He says that’s madness, Chini says he should believe in God and she will perform all the wedding rituals with him not with Abhishek. Arto remains confused and she thinks she will make sure Arto chooses her only.

During Mata Ki Chouki Arto and Imlie pray to Matarani and Imlie goes to ring the bell. She can’t touch the bell due to height and he gives his hand to her. She holds it and rings the bell with his help. Imlie realises it’s her dream, there Chini thinks she told Kia to shower the vermilion on her and Arto. Kia thinks she is helping Chini and it will benefit her and she will use both the sisters to get the property. Accidentally Kia slips and she pushes Arto by mistake. Arto holds Imlie’s hand as he was about to fall. Everyone showers vermilion on both of them. Ek dil hai ek jaan hai plays in background. They both share an eye lock. Imlie tries to remove the vermilion but Arpita stops her saying it’s Matarani’s blessings.

Abhishek tries to apply vermilion on Chini’s forehead but Chini says her dress will be ruined. Imlie thinks Chini is greedy for money and she can’t let her play with Abhishek’s feelings. He is in love but she is not in love. Arto and Abhishek bump into each other. Arto asks him if he is sure about his wedding with Chini? Abhishek says if there’s love then there’s no place for confusion. He adds he understands Chini. Arto recalls Imlie’s words that she understands him too. Abhishek says Imlie stays in Arto’s heart. Arto says they are just friends to which Abhishek says what is friendship for him? Arto explains happily about his bond with Imlie. Abhishek makes him understand that Imlie is special for him.

Precap- Imlie tells Arto she is leaving him forever. Chini says if he doesn’t stop their wedding she will marry Abhishek. He has to decide something soon. He thinks he knows what he wants.

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