Imlie 7th March 2022 Written Update: Aryan gets furious at Imlie

Imlie 7th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie going to Sita Maiya’s temple. She says she wants to stay here as her guest. Arpita gets emotional and asks Aryan why he did that. If he wanted to let her go then why he brought her here. She says Imlie is not familiar to anyone here now where will she stay? She will never come back. Aryan says she will as long as Sita Maiya is in their house. He says but he won’t change his plans regarding his revenge.

He doesn’t care what Imlie thinks about him or Aditya. She was never a part of his plan. Imlie shivers due to cold and and sits near the fire. Aryan misses Imlie’s presence and Imlie also gets emotional. Aryan sees her anklet and there one person tells Imlie to go to a Ashram room there she will get all the facilities. Imlie thanks him and Aryan feels relaxed knowing that Imlie got a shelter. He says she will be always his responsibility.

Aditya says he shouldn’t have told the truth to Imlie. She might have left Aryan’s house. He made her homeless again. Aparna says is he sure that she left Aryan’s house. Aditya says he knows her well. Aparna says she is coming here maybe and she doesn’t have the gut to talk to Narmada after all this. Aditya says she won’t come here. He says she needs time to come back to him but she will come for sure.

Imlie stares at Aryan and a reporter asks her to write an article on a topic. Imlie says she is not featured writer anymore but she is an intern. Aryan gets furious hearing that and Imlie changes her ID Card. He calls her in the cabin and asks her why she demoted herself in front of other staffs. He shouldn’t have doubted her potential. Whats wrong with her. She says she doesn’t deserve this position right now. He says she cant ruin her dreams for that Aditya.

She says if he cares for her dreams why can’t he leave his revenge drama. He says he won’t do that. Aparna tells her family that Imlie will come to have dinner with them everyday but won’t stay here. Police comes to arrest Aditya for giving wrong weather report. Pankaj says that job was new for him. Inspector says they can say this in court not here. Aditya says Aryan filed the complaint for sure. He will co-operate with them.

Aryan calls everyone for meeting and thinks Imlie should not know that Aditya got arrested. if she knows she will go to save him. He tells everyone to keep the phone in silent mode..Imlie gets Aparna’s call and Aryan tries to distract her. Imlie still leaves with the phone. Imlie overhears that the weather department employees trapped Aditya in this case. She says she will talk to them later. Police says Aditya will lose his job and won’t be allowed to write anything for this crime. Imlie comes to police station and says she will find a way as he is innocent. Media comes and blames Aditya for everything. They throw questions at him.

Senior officer comes and gives a statement to media that due to personal rivalry with Aryan, Aditya betrayed the channel viewers. He put them in risk. He snatches the licence from Aditya and takes back all the rewards from him. The reporters questions him and calls him murderer. He holds him by his collar and gets into a fight. Nishant tries to stop Aditya. Aparna falls sick and tells Imlie to save Aditya.

Precap- Aryan punches Aditya’s photo and says he will destroy him.

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