Imlie Upcoming Story: Imlie to get exposed in front of Arto?


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Star Plus popular show Imlie will witness a turning point in the show. Imlie is aware of Chini’s vile games and now she has come up with a plan to teach lesson to her. Will Arto and Imlie get separated in the end? It will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown Imlie revealed the minute details by mistake. Chini and Shivani questioned her how she remembers all these. Rudra safeguarded her saying he told her about the valentine’s day event.

Later he got upset with her for her lies. Rudra supported Imlie’s idea of exposing Chini as he believes lying for a good cause can be justified. Imlie thanked him and there Chini got scolded by Arpita, Sundar and Kia. She fit camera in Imlie’s room to catch her lies.

There Arto gave diary to Imlie so that she can write down her thoughts. She caught Chini red handed who was trying to record her confession. Imlie and Chini both decided to expose each other’s own truth individually instead of exposing one another. Chini told Imlie that she will tell her truth to Arto first.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen Shivani will ask Arto to take her to the temple when Imlie and Chini will go to reveal the truth to him. Chini will decide to write down her confession so that Imlie can’t manipulate Arto with her tears.

She will tell Imlie to follow the same process. Imlie will pen down what she has done and she betrayed them with her memory loss drama. She is okay with accepting Arto’s hatred as they will get separated in the end.

There Arto will question a particular ritual at the temple and will call it superstitious but then he himself will perform it to pray for Imlie’s wellbeing. He will be sad thinking Imlie will leave him soon. His feet will get injured due to walking barefoot.

Shivani will blame Imlie for this. Rana’s will worry for Arto and later Chini will send Imlie’s confession letter to Arto and the latter will come to know the truth.

He will say that he made a mistake by accepting a betrayer as his friend. Afterwards Chini will snatch the evidence from Imlie and will push her from the balcony.

Will Imlie survive ?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Imlie, stay tuned to this space.